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Monday, August 1, 2011

Money Matters... :)

I still got a lot of bills to pay and debts to settle this month's pay out. My salaries from my new job and from my online gigs are, unfortunately, still not enough for me to splurge for the personal things, not so important things, that I wanted to buy for myself. Although, I've been spending for something this weekend that's not too important also but I just don't want to say what that was for! LOL! I know I'm babbling. Maybe because I'm a bit disappointed for not been able to buy even just a pair shoes this payout. I haven't been to the mall yet, haven't heard a barcode scanner read the prices of my groceries that I'm supposed to buy yet. I will still have to find time to do that.

For now, I've budgeted whatever money I have left. I have to keep my fingers crossed to make for whatever is left until the next pay out! I hope I won't have to spend for something unnecessary anymore! I better learn to say NO and be firm whenever I have to say that word! :)

I know I shouldn't worry because I know God will provide my needs. Like I always say, I have faith in Him! :)

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