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Friday, August 12, 2011

Friends = Home Away From Home

The best thing about doing my Church obligations is that I'm able to glorify our Almighty God. I am also able to meet new people and added a lot of them to my circle of friends here in Manila. I've been having good times with them especially during weekends. I'm just happy and enjoy every bit of being with them.

It's just amazing because even our Church pastor, who's also single, have been joining our bonding moments. Saturdays were set as our "bonding day" actually. We tell each other jokes and always plan on how to make other youth members of our locale also participate actively in our activities. The favorite thing that we do when we're together is EAT! LOL! And I've gained weight because of that! Why is it so much fun to eat when you have a bunch of friends around you that you forget about your diet???

There were even instances that we help each other out, like if something is broken in someone else's home, like my computer for instance. I didn't have to bring it to the shop to have it fixed. I had one of my friends fix it for free! :) And also when one of our friends needed help to fix her door, someone came with micrometers on hand! By sharing moments with them, I'm just glad that I have friends here who listen to whatever I say and accept me as what I am. They're always there to cheer me up and keep me busy.

I'm really glad to have some sort of a family right here. It's feels like a home away from home. :)

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