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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Excited For Labor Day! :)

I've been longing for a long weekend this past few weeks. I have so much to do every week and whenever Monday comes, I always wish that my weekend isn't over yet. My long awaited long weekend is not gonna take too long anymore! LOL!

This coming September 5, which is United State of America's holiday - Labor Day, that happens every 1st Monday of September, is also going to be a no-work day for us, working in Emerson Electric (Asia) Ltd.! Isn't that great? This is one thing I love about my new employer. We share the holidays of U.S. of A.! I just love it!

Now I'm thinking about what to do on that long weekend... I would love to be with nature, if I could. Some Americans will be on for a fishing trip for sure and try orlando fishing guides or go snorkeling somewhere with their family and loved ones. If I only have the money to spend to go out of town, I would really love to do that! Sigh.

I actually don't have plans yet for Labor Day. I might end up spending it with friends right here. :)

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