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Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Week To Deal With :)

It's Monday again? :) How I wish I can extend my weekend! Unfortunately, I can't so I will have to deal with another week.

I had a great time on my weekend, though. I felt really productive because I spent most of it doing Church activities.

Last Saturday, we did an activity called Blood Letting. I still wasn't able to donate some of my blood since I had work the previous night. Although I wasn't qualified to donate blood, I still went there and helped out. I sang few songs for them and met new friends from other Church locales. Before lunch time, I was already so sleepy so I went home, not able to finish the activity.

Sunday is always a busy Church day for me. There were just so much to do but I'm glad I was able to get through to all my obligations and duties and had a very peaceful sleep last night.

I think I'm ready for whatever this week is gonna bring me. I have God to back me up all the way until another weekend! :)

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