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Saturday, July 16, 2011

RV For Convenience

I wonder how it feels like owning an RV. The people I've heard of who owns RVs here in the Philippines are those who are rich and famous and very busy people. Since they don't have enough time to go home just to change their clothes or have a place to sleep at for a few hours, actors/actresses who do tapings in different venues, opt to get themselves an RV for their convenience. They have like their little room in it equipped with appliances that they need. It even has a sofa/bed that's built-in the van. I know about this because I saw some of them showcase it in Philippine T.V. on talk-show magazines. They don't basically live there but it's convenient for them especially if their schedule is so tight that they don't have the time to go home. I bet most of their RVs have motorhome insurance. I haven't really heard of someone who basically live in an RV here in the Philippines yet. But many Americans do. I wonder why! LOL! But if I become rich and famous and very busy, I would prefer having an RV too for convenience! :)

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