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Monday, July 25, 2011

Puerto Prinsesa Trip - Part 2

This post should've been done a few weeks ago. I was just too lazy to do it, I apologize. I still wanted to tell you guys about the continuation of my Puerto Prinsesa Trip!

Alright! Here it goes:

I was excited on the 2nd day of our Puerto Prinsesa vacation. As soon as my cousin Michelle and her husband Jon arrived at the airport around 12noon, we headed to the famous Underground River which is now one of the entries for the new 7 Wonders of Nature. I cast my vote already! :)

Anyway, it was about 2 hours drive from Puerto Prinsesa airport. Kuya Jon has been taking great pictures while we we were on our way. Here are some of them:

We still have to take a boat ride to be at the Underground River. I was already so amazed at how clean my surrounding is! Even the sea, it's all blue and green and I can definitely see the corals underneath the water! The weather wasn't good that day. Yet the rain didn't stop us from exploring Puerto Prinsesa!

There were plenty of tourists like us who were queued to see the Underground River. We have to wait for our turn so we took a lot of pictures to not get bored! :)

And finally it was our turn to enter the cave!!! :)

It was so dark inside the cave. We had just one big flashlight held by one of the passengers on the boat. The boatman was at the same time our tour-guide. He's very knowledgeable and had a good sense of humor. He showed us a lot of rock structures and made some jokes while talking about the cave. There were bats flying all around the cave but it didn't scare us! :)

The tour inside the cave took maybe half an hour. When we got out of the cave we took some more pictures and saw the mischievous monkeys on the seashore! We held on our purses which were packed in plastic bags because the monkeys are eyeing on our belongings! The tour-guide already warned us of the monkeys being the forest thieves. :)

LOL! One of the monkey went near me! That's why the face!

We strolled along the seashores despite the pouring rain! I actually took a plunge on the sea even though the waves are big! :) I didn't mind being alone. My companions waited for the rain to stop but it didn't. I was soaking wet when we were on our way home. :)

We went to sleep early that evening. I was so excited for the next day. The next itinerary for our 3rd day in Puerto Prinsesa was island hopping and snorkeling!

To be continued....

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