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Monday, July 11, 2011

Puerto Prinsesa Trip - Part 1

Okay! So I now have the time to tell you about my Palawan adventure! I can finally post the pictures I took during my vacation at Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan. It was such a great experience and I really want to show to you all how wonderful Palawan is. This is my first entry. The pictures are courtesy of our photographer, Jon Vinoya, my cousin Michelle's husband! :) Thanks to him, I can post great pictures here in my blog!

Raquel and I arrived at Puerto Prinsesa airport on a beautiful Friday afternoon.

We didn't have much to do when we got to the pension house. We just had our dinner at Kinabuch's. It's one of the best restaurants in Palawan. I'll be doing a separate post for that place. :)

The pension house

We strolled the main street of Puerto Prinsesa and took some pictures in front of the Provincial Capitol. It's really the cleanest place I've ever been at!

The couple, Michelle and Jon arrived the next day, so Raquel and I did some strolling to kill the time.

To be continued...