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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Attending PNK Thanksgiving Day! :)

Thank God it's weekend again! I always love weekends! Why? Mostly because I'm gonna be very busy doing my Church obligations!

This weekend is special because I'll be attending our PNK (Pagsamba ng Kabataan) mid-year Thanksgiving Day! This happens every year and it's basically my first time to attend the kids' Thanksgiving Day. It's going to be just a few minutes from and I better have to get dressed up!

Later today, I'll be going out with friends and visit a friend of hours who just gave birth to a pretty baby boy! I'm excited to see them both! Pictures will be posted, of course!

Happy weekend everyone!


Lainy said...

Awww! Didn't realize first time mo umattend nyan Bang, hehe! Nakalakihan kasi namin yan and also Pagsamba ng Kabataan every Sundays since we were toddlers.

Anyways, when you have your own kids one day, you'll usher them along to church :-)

ally said...

Yun nga eh... sana naranasan ko din mag PNK nun! hehehe... I have vivid memories actually. Kapag nagbabakasyon ako sa Tupi, sinasama ako nila Te Michelle sa PNK sa Tupi. Minsan nga lang yun...:)

yep! When I'll have kids, I'll definitely usher them sa Church!