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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Work Options And Decisions...

I want to share 2 good news to you this Wednesday morning! I'm just happy although I know these good news are going to make me choose which would be the right choice!

Last night, I had an interview through Skype for a home-based job. I passed and will be moving on to the next interview. That will be tomorrow with the owner of the company I'll be working for. I have been thinking about working at home because it's convenient for me. Don't you agree? I mean, I won't have to waste my time preparing myself to go to work and I also won't have to deal with the traffic on my way to and from work. I'll just be home working even with my PJs on!

The other good news is, I passed the interview for a corporate job. The salary is higher and I'll be working with different people. The job is more challenging but I will have to take a bus at night worrying about getting robbed on the streets or on the bus. :D

I think I have already made a decision based on what I just said but I still have to weigh my options. This is for my future. I hope I'll make the right decision. So help me, God.


isp101 said...

If you would ask me, of course, I will choose home-based job! As what you've read on my site, I'm pretty exhausted with my present job. But, I still can't get out of it, since, It pays the bill! Nowadays, we also need to consider the salary being offered, the travel time, work environment and etc. But, I hope you made the right choice! God bless! =)

ally said...

Hi! Thanks again for dropping by! :) I chose the corporate job because of the stability of the company. yeah, i hope i made the right choice!

God bless! :)