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Monday, June 13, 2011

Thinking About Being A Mom... :)

I love babies! Whenever I see one, I can't help but cuddle or just touch him or her. They are just so adorable! Makes me think about having my own baby. Sigh. How would I be able to do that in the near future when I'm not even in a relationship? :D

I don't know but I'm anxious of being in a relationship. I'm scared of opening myself up to someone in the opposite sex. I'm scared of getting hurt all over again. I've been through that before, many times, actually. I've seen my friends get pregnant and was questioned about who got her pregnant. The guy wouldn't believe her until she told him about paternity test while pregnant! Darn this men! It's really scary putting your heart to someone who's not worth it. It's just devastating that I don't want to go through that at all. I know I have to pray to God for Mr. Right but I think I'm not ready for even just praying for him.

I'm thinking about adoption. I told my Mom about my plan that if ever I don't get married at the age of 32, that I'm going to adopt a baby. I was surprised when she said, "Why wait when I can do it now?". She meant while I'm younger. LOL! It made me laugh. I told her I'm not ready yet and I don't even have a job yet! Oh well, my Mom was just being silly again.

Babies are just angels, you know. I know it wouldn't be easy. I just want to be able to take care and raise a child. And know how it feels to be a Mother, myself. :)

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