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Friday, June 17, 2011

Men And Gadgets

I'm really not into gadgets. Even as a kid, I don't really mess with technical stuff even if it's play station or jeux ps3. Not that I don't want to own any of them. I just don't want to get addicted to the games that are stored on those gadgets. I don't want my time as well to be wasted in just playing games. :D

I have friends who sort of collect gadgets. Most of them are men. I have a friend right now who really wanted to own a ps3 but doesn't have the money to buy one for himself. If I'm only rich, I will buy him that piece of gadget as gift for his birthday. Unfortunately, I'm not rich. LOL!

I don't know why most guys love gadgets. Most of them can afford to spend the whole day with those gadgets even with their friends around. They seem like they have their own world when they have a ps3 on their hands.

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