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Friday, June 10, 2011

Medical And Other Job Requirements

I'll have another medical exam today. It's one of the requirements for my new job. I just had one five months ago for my previous job. Now I have to go through it again. Sigh. I hope this time they won't ask me to do something gross like the one I had before.

I really don't care if I have to process all my requirements for the new job. I just want to finish everything up so I can start working. I'm really getting bored already and I miss receiving my paycheck! LOL! I wanna buy the things I want for myself especially if it's like Easter sale at the malls or if there are good offers I can take advantage online.

June 20 is my tentative start date for training. I hope everything is going to go well. I can't afford to be jobless for another month! :)

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