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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Irene! :D

A friend of mine celebrated her birthday a few minutes ago. It's past 12 midnight now as I'm writing this, so basically her birthday has already passed just about 5 minutes ago. :D

Haha! Teary eyes! :P

Irene and I have been friends for just a few months now but it feels like we were already friends a long time ago. She just turned 25 years old. She's like a little sister to me. She's sweet, thoughtful and she's fun to be with. There's never a dull moment when we are together. We work hand in hand in some Church obligations together with our friends. Needless to say, we see each other almost everyday.

Dear Irene,

Thank you for the friendship and for sacrificing your sleep just to help out in our Church activities. Thanks for being crazy! LOL! Your wit is really one of a kind! Thanks for always making us laugh. Thanks very much for all your help. May your love to God never fail. I know He sees all the good things that you're doing For him and for His Church. He will bless you with a fruitful and a happy life. Just keep that "FIRE" burning and He will never fail to listen to all your prayers.

Thanks for being kind of a little sister to me. Thanks for the friendship! Love ya, Ka Irene!

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Anonymous said...

wow!.... lalo ako nsurprise dito, hehe... thank you!... ok n sna kya lang pinatanda mu ko agad ng isang taon... hehehe... ailoveyou too ka allena!.... ♥♥♥