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Friday, June 24, 2011

Bad Weather At First Day

My first day at work was kind of boring. I really didn't do a lot of work last night. There was no classroom training yet but I was introduced to my new colleagues. It was a friendly atmosphere over there. I have a nice supervisor. It doesn't feel like I'm in a call center industry at all, thank goodness! I got my own desk. Wider than the ones I had with previous companies I worked at. I love it! And I'm gonna be using a laptop over there. :D

It was a feat when I was on my way to the office last night. The rain was relentless and I really had a hard time traveling and walking down the streets of EDSA.

It's still raining so hard today. Typhoon Falcon hasn't left the country yet and already caused havoc on some places here in Manila. Classes are already suspended and there's flooding on the lower parts of Metro Manila and other provinces.

I hope the typhoon will leave the country soon so we will be back to our normal lives. I don't want to go to work dressed up yet all wet. I have to buy a new umbrella later today. The one I had last night was destroyed by the storm. Sigh!

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