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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thinking About My Brother...

I can't help but wonder why my younger brother is still jobless. I'm not sure if he applies for a job back in the province. I hope he does. As a registered nurse, I bet he misses wearing a nurse uniform and do his duties in a hospital. I haven't talked to him lately over the phone. My Mom is here and tells me about how she's getting tired of supporting my brother's family. My poor Mom. She's getting old now yet she still provides for my brothers.

I hope I can talk to my brother one of these days so we can discuss about his life and his plans. My Mom told me that my brother's wife have decided to go abroad. They have planned that long before but still haven't made it come true. I hope they will be able to get a job so they won't be asking help from their parents anymore.

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