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Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Dear Mom Is Coming To Town! :)

My Mom is arriving here in Manila today. I actually have a few minutes to prepare so I can fetch her at the airport. She's gonna be staying here at my apartment for one night and will leave for Malaysia tomorrow. She's really excited about her trip, actually. I'm not really sure how long she'd stay there but she's coming back here in Manila and stay for a few days with me.

As usual, she's got a lot of plans in her stay here. Like going to Divisoria to buy cheap items that she can sell back in the province. For her tour, she still have to buy some personal stuff that she can use in KL. I'm not sure yet if she needs to buy zamberlan hiking boots since I don't know what's their itinerary at Malaysia. But I'm sure she needs new pair of pants.

I have to go for now to get my Mom at the airport. I don't want her to be waiting too long or else she'll leave and there's no way for me to get hold of her! :D

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