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Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Sexy Best Friend

My best friend, Czarina, has been posting a lot of her new pictures in Facebook. I miss her a lot and she seems to be having a great time with her new friends. I am also pleased to see that my best friend is back to being sexy! LOL! She gained weight the last time we saw each other when I visited her in Davao a few months back. But now... Oh lala! She's going to make the guys all the more crazy about her! :D Maybe she got tired of my prodding and teasing. She also doesn't want to look bigger than me when we get together. She told me she read some reviews online like sensa reviews and took the advices about losing weight effectively from there.

Here's my ever pretty Best Friend!:D

I'm happy for her and I hope to see her on my homecoming.

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