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Sunday, April 10, 2011

An Extraordinary Birthday Celebration

I turned 28 years old last Friday, April 8. I didn't have an extravagant celebration but I did have an extraordinary one!

I was greeted by my workmates just before the eve of my birthday. I was at work so I got series of silly emails from my colleagues. We had pizza for lunch which I bet they enjoyed (I hope!).

My Kuerdas family (Lainy, Jayson, Ate Nimfa and the rest of the gang) also bombarded me with text messages. They were all awake, actually, haven't slept yet and waited for my birthday. Sweet, isn't it? I really miss them and I'm excited about my homecoming on Jayson's wedding day!

After work, I went to Church to pray and in a few hours set off to visit Church mates. I was with Ka Irene, Ka Jonnel and Ka Al, my Church friends. Ka Jonnel made it all special because he dedicated a prayer for me after we're done visiting Church mates. I don't cook although I wanted to with a le creuset cookware, but I didn't have time so we went out and had lunch at Mang Inasal. I had fun with them. If only I had enough energy, I would have kept myself awake the whole day and spent more time with them! Unfortunately, I still have to go to work in the evening. So I had to sleep. I still was able to do another work for God before I went to work.

My family celebrated my birthday as well. I was glad they had some sort of a bonding moment with my nephew.

My birthday was extraordinary because it was my first time to celebrate it by doing my Church obligations. It was an amazing feeling being able to serve our Almighty.

Thank you, Lord for my wonderful life. Thank you for my friends and family who love me. Thank you, most of all, for Your unconditional love. May You continue to bless me and may You continue to make me a blessing to everyone. I give You back all the glory and honor, Amen.



Lainy said...

Ang saya saya naman! Belated happy burpday Bang! Nagpost ako neto sa blog. Hugs!

ally said...

thanks te! hehehe... touched naman ako sa post mo! ingat! see u soon! :D