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Monday, April 25, 2011

Excited For Jayson's Wedding

I'm now excited about coming home to GenSan this Friday. I'll be attending my cousin, Jayson's wedding. I'm only going to be staying there for 3 days and I'll flying back here in Manila on Monday. It would be nice if I can stay a little longer but I've already bought tickets sometime ago and was able to take advantage of a plane ticket sale. Besides, I still have to get myself a job.

I don't want to miss Kuya Jayson's. He has been one of those special people that's always going to be part of my life. Not only is he my cousin who's like a big brother to me, he's also my confidante during some dark days of my life. And of course, we shared a lot of good times together with the Kuerdas family.

Now that he's getting married, I won't miss it for the world! I want to see him finally tie the knot and put the ring on to his soon-to-be wife. I hope the ring he bought for Shane is one of those everlon diamonds. It would really be a nice peace of jewelry for their wedding!

I bet Lainy and the Kuerdas family are now busy preparing for the wedding. Too bad I wasn't there to help. Jayson requested me to be theur wedding singer on his reception which I gladly accepted. I'll do my best to do my part well.

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