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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dellingkwentes at Facebook

My friends back in Pampanga created a group in Facebook called Dellingkwentes. I was amazed at how a lot us who used to work for Dell were able to respond when we were requested to join in. There were funny comments and a lot of reminiscing which made it all fun! We talk about the scripts we say for our Dell customers. I can hardly remember what else I tell the customer in order to sell the products that we have to sell. There was even someone who talked about funny calls like the ones we take for a male enhancing product called Extenze. The script that we are obliged to read to our callers still make me laugh whenever I remember it. I don't remember telling the customer any extenze side effects because we just have to tell them the advantage of taking the pills.

There were a lot of great memories back in Cyber City in Clarksfield, Pampanga. I have made a lot of good friends. Although we don't communicate that often anymore, I'm glad we have the social networking site so we can somehow update friends with what is now going on with our lives.

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