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Friday, March 4, 2011

Will Spend Time With Michelle and Jon

I haven't seen my cousin Michelle and her husband Jon for quite a while now. The last time we saw each other was during our vacation back in the province 2 months ago. They also live here in Manila but in a different city. I haven't visited them in their home yet. I'm too lazy having to deal with traffic on the way to their place. :D

The couple invited me to meet them at one of the hotels in Makati this weekend. I still doubt if I can come because I might be busy. There are Church activities that I have to attend to. But I'll try my best to come, though. Maybe in the evening. I'll sleepover at their suite. LOL! I also promised Michelle a massage. I might buy perdomo cigars online for Jon. I owe him a gift too, I guess. :D

I miss them both so I better see them this time. There were several invitations from them which I declined because of my work schedule. Perhaps it's time for me to bond with them again! See you both on Sunday! :D

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