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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Talking About Fashion

Accessories like bracelets and necklaces adds color and style to an outfit. Whenever women like me dress up, we also have to think of which accessories to match our outfits. Be it a colorful bracelet and a pair of earrings or a silver or gold necklace that has a curb chain. Even scarves and the bags should also compliment our style. As long as it blends with whatever style we prefer in that day, we definitely look even better with our accessories on.

I myself used to have little knowledge about how to mix and match my dresses and accessories. Just by watching fashion shows and variety shows on T.V. and reading some fashion magazines was I able to learn more about fashion. I also got ideas from fashionable friends and cousins like Lainy and Michelle.

Being fashionable isn't really about buying expensive and branded clothes. As long as you know how to match your outfit and feel confident and pretty about yourself. :D

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