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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Story Of My Name

ALLENA. That's my name! :D

My mom told me that she got that name from one of the bills she saw when she was paying her electric bill. She thought it's a nice name for a baby girl.

I searched for the meaning of my name at Google and I found this:

Allena \a-lle-na\ as a girl's name is of Old German origin, and the meaning of Allena is "precious".

So I'm precious! :D I like the meaning of my name. I hope my mom knew this though.

Anyway, my real name really didn't matter to me when I was in my toddler years because the only name I know at that time was my very unique, very Filipino sounding name - TIBANG (It's a Tee with a Bang! LOL!). Not even close to my real name, right? It's my Mom's naughty idea, as usual. She gave my brother, Aleksander Remus, a nickname "TIBO". In Filipino dialect, it means "lesbian". Primitivo was the name that our Dad wanted for my big brother. My mom didn't like it so she changed it to Aleksander Remus but she retained the nickname. So when I came out to the world, I have to share with my brother's humiliation by having that nickname. :D

When I went to pre-school, it's when I learned about my beautiful name. Everyone has been calling me ALLENA and I quite liked it. But eventually, my classmates knew about my nickname so later my classmates and friends started calling me by my nickname until I went to college.

Most of the people I get acquainted with get puzzled when they learn about my real name and why I have the nickname Tibang. I really don't elaborate much because it's quite a long story. I just ask them to get used to whichever name they're comfortable with. I really don't mind.

My name evolved to Ally or Alley when I became a call center agent. I have to have an American sounding name since I'll be talking to American clients over the phone. By this time, my nickname is very seldom heard of. The only time I hear my nickname is when I'm around my family, relatives and old friends.

I love all my names. It just amazes me that even names evolve.

How about you? What's the story of your name?
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Lainy said...

Cute parin ang Tibang kasi unique. Wala pakong narinig na may kapareha ka, LOL!

sarah said...

cool! i also got one meaning Princess:)

ally said...


hahaha! sige na nga. cute na ang TIBANG! thanks te!


Thanks sarah! :D

Anne said...

Mine was from the diphthong from the name of my mom and dad, that's my dad told me when he was still alive. It was the rhyme I don't know how they came up with it. BTW just dropping by here girl