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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Post Birthday Celebration For Ate Carylle

Buttered shrimp, baked tahong, sinigang sa miso and Italian spaghetti were the delicacies that my friends and I indulged in yesterday!

It was a post birthday celebration of Ate Carylle, a friend of mine from the previous work. They invited me to celebrate with them. I'm glad I didn't think twice. Aside from wanting to get reunited with them and play with Baby Lajon, I also wanted to have a taste of the food that they prepared! :D

I really had fun and I was so full when I left the house! I'm glad to see my friends again! :D

Happy birthday Ate Carylle! Mwah!


The Designer's Chic said...

oi hala!!1 kadamo ug ka lamian sa mga pag-kaon!!!!

Anne said...

I so love the cake, from red ribbon na siya girl noh?

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