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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dear Brother's Plan...

My brother had talked to me once about grabbing any opportunity, whatever job he'd be able to qualify for, as long he can work overseas. Even if he's a nursing graduate, he told me that he will work as a factory worker as long as he'd get a better pay. Although I wanted my brother to get a job, I don't want him to be working in a factory abroad especially if the company manufactures products that could be hazardous to health. It would be very difficult for us to hire a lawyer if ever he suffers from an illness resulting from asbestos or any chemical related diseases. I wouldn't want my brother to end up going home paralyzed or whatever.

My brother is still jobless right now and is helping his father-in-law recuperate from mild stroke. As soon as his father-in-law is able, my brother will go back to finding a job to support for his family. I hope he have forgotten about applying as a factory worker abroad, though.

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