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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Buying Dresses For Work And Church

Our company requires us to be in business casual wear for four days a week. I was a bit worried because on my previous company, I only get to wear business casual twice a week. I thought I didn't have enough outfit to suffice for my office wear. I was surprised when I checked my closet, I have Church dresses that I can use for the business casual days! Although I still have to buy some clothes so I won't be wearing them every week. :D

I just realize that wearing business casual outfits makes me feel professional. Especially if it's worn neatly. It makes me feel good about myself when I'm at work. Even with the boys, if they wear the long sleeved polo with neckties on and neatly ironed slacks, they looked very manly! :D I wonder if some of them get their stuffs online like from rocawear. They have a lot of nice options for sure!

One of the things I wanted to do next week is to buy some more dresses. It's like "killing two birds with one stone". Not only will I get to wear the dress esat work, I can also wear them during Church service! I'm excited to shop! :D

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