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Monday, February 21, 2011

Remembering Cathy And Baby CJ...:D

When I was in Pampanga, I became roommates with a good friend of mine in college, Cathy. At that time she was planning to work in Singapore and was just waiting for a certificate. She decided to work in the company where I was employed while she's waiting for that certificate. In a few months of working in Pampanga, we found out that she was 6months pregnant. She couldn't tell her parents about what happened because she doesn't want to disappoint them. She got herself in a complicated situation and the man who got her pregnant is married and didn't do anything to support her and the baby. Her plan of working in Singapore did not happen at all.

We didn't hear from the guy even until she delivered her baby. It was I and some of our friends who were there to help her out. It was a great experience because I also became like a mom. LOL! Baby CJ was in my arms on her first night at the hospital. I can remember fighting my drowsiness at that time. I really didn't have enough sleep because I also have work the previous nights. So there were several sleepless days and nights, actually! Haha!

Cathy wasn't able to breastfeed Baby CJ because we had no idea how to let Cathy produce more breast milk. She tried everything she can to do so but to no avail. So we ended up feeding CJ from milk bottles.

I also learned to bathe a fragile little infant! :D How cool was that? I can say that in a few years of taking care of CJ, I have experienced to also become a mother. Having a baby in the house relieves stress for real! No matter how tired I was at work, I was always excited about going home!

I left Pampanga when CJ was just more than a year old. They have moved to Davao now and thankfully, Cathy was able to let her family know about her baby and they welcomed CJ in their family wholeheartedly. Who wouldn't? CJ is just adorable!

Whenever I think about Cathy and CJ, I can just smile. I'm thankful I was able to help out a friend and I'm even more thankful I was able to take care of a little angel. :D


anne said...

she looks familiar kauban ba ni nato tung una sa training?

ally said...

wala na sya naka work sa davao gurl. diretso sya pampanga... :D

Hazelicious929 said...

You are a good friend. You help your friend who is in need. Take care