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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ready For Work And Workout Promises! :D

I only went to the gym twice this week. I seldom workout lately. Not that I'm really busy. I was just too lazy to go to the gym. I even often wake up late almost everyday. If I'm not forced to wake up to run some errands, I would more likely sleep all day! LOL!

Well, I think I'm just savoring the days left for me to relax because I'll start on my new job tomorrow. I can just imagine how busy I'll become in these coming days.

After work, I'll make sure to hit the gym for at least a couple of hours. I honestly miss working out. I miss sweating a lot and running on the tread mill. I somehow miss looking at people like me having that determination to look and feel fabulous. LOL! Most of all (just being silly!) I miss looking at men who not only good looking but also have those muscles that turns women in the gym on! :D They must have added creatine powder on their energy drink to look that hot!

Enough of my nonsense! :D I'm all set with my new job and I promise to workout hopefully everyday.

May we all have a great Sunday! :D

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