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Monday, February 28, 2011

Planning To Buy A Scooter

Commuting to and from work takes a lot of time for me now. Not like my previous job in Makati, going to Mandaluyong which is now where my workplace is located, is a bit strenous for me. I don't want to ride a cab all the time because it's expensive. I normally ride on a bus on my normal working days.

It gives me headaches though especially if I get stuck at traffic jams during rush hour. I don't want to be late at work so I get out of the house an hour early from my shift. And when my shift ends, I normally would still want to go to the gym which is out of my way home. I still have to detour to Makati just to workout. I end up heading home instead because the buses going to Ayala are full most of the time.

I'm thinking about buying a scooter for myself so I can manage my time well rather than commuting. I won't get too stressed out whenever I travel within Manila. The thing is, most vehicle accidents are motorcycle accidents nowadays. Even if you're very careful driving along EDSA or anywhere else here in Manila, there are nasty drivers around. I'm afraid I might end up crippled and might even use acl braces if I become a victim of a motorcycle accident. Sigh. I still want to buy a scooter, though! :D

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