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Monday, February 7, 2011

Online Investments And My Mom! :D

I talked to my Mom yesterday over the phone. Like the usual, she's been busy with a lot of things. She's got lots of complains about my brothers and also talked to me about her plans. She really wasn't stressed out and even find some mishaps funny. I was just smiling and laughing on our conversation.

In between our chat, she would always ask if I have saved some money so we can put up a business of some sort. I feel a bit uncomfortable whenever we talk about my finances because the conversation always end up to comparing how she and I handle our money. She would always tell me to invest to buying a property like what she did. If I'd tell her I'm thinking about online stock trading, as skeptical as she is, she will more likely ask a lot of questions for sure! I would have to educate her about stock account and other online investments and trading tips which she wouldn't want to learn about. She refused to learn how to use the computer herself. She's more comfortable writing everything down on a piece of paper and make stacks of papers all around the house. You can just imagine the mess because she makes all the tables in the house her office desk. LOL! Or maybe, if I'd be very patient with her, even it takes a lot of time, she might be interested with online investments!

I have talked about our differences on this blog and my other blog a lot! It doesn't mean I hate my Mom. I love her despite our differences. My Mom and I are just human beings full of imperfections like the rest in the world. I even feel lucky having her as my Mom because she taught me to be a strong woman. I may not have everything yet but I'm thankful because whatever I am now, it's all because of her!

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investing in stocks is a good choice =)

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