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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not Giving In To Disappoinments.. :D

When I got hired on my new job, I really didn't care much about all the other benefits they have in store for me. As long as the basic pay is way better than the previous company, I just went on signing the job offer. I also don't want to be working with my supervisor anymore so I grabbed the opportunity when I had it!

I was quite disappointed when during the orientation, I learned that the health plan they have for their employees are not as good as Medicare plan. Even the vacation and sick leaves are way too little for me compared to my previous employer.

I am still hoping that this company is way better than my previous employer. I heard good things about this company and I still want to git a shot. It's still too early to give in to any disappointments. Besides, there's no company that's perfect anyway. I better keep my fingers crossed! :D

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