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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meet Miss What Not... :D

My trainer has this habit of always ending her sentence in the phrase "what not". :D Well, this is not something new in a class. Back in college, whenever I get bored with the subject matter, I get a pen and paper and make notes on how many times my teacher repeat his mannerisms. I don't really do it now because it's something childish. But whenever I hear the "what not" phrase from my trainer, it gets a little disturbing. I guess we just have to get used to it.

It was my 3rd day on training at my new job last night. I'm back to graveyard shift so I'm once again trying to adjust to my schedule. I'm back to trying to get a good sleep during day which I can hardly do in this past 3 days. I always wake up every hour whenever I hear noise from outside my room.

Our class consist mostly of guys. There are cute quiet guys around but there are also those noisy people who always wanted to get the class' attention. Sigh.

I have one friend of mine who is also part of the class. We're still trying to make friends with the others.

I'm really trying to focus on learning about my work and "what not". LOL! I'm hoping I'll pass the training and do the best I can in this job. :D

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