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Friday, February 18, 2011

Excuses, Excuses... :P

One of the excuses why I seldom go to the gym is because I get bored of my usual exercise regimen. The gym where I workout has other programs available but I just didn't care checking them out. There were other activities available like aerobics, hiphop dancing and other dance genre where I wanted to join but I'm just too shy to even participate. I always focus on my normal boring exercise program. I know, the blame is on me! :D If I just push myself some more, by this time, my body would end up toned just like the older women who workout with me. I would assume they use a powerful pre-workout supplement like jack3d because they seemed to not get tired of working out despite their age! And they really look gorgeous, you know?

Well I better sleep early tonight so I can start my day early at the gym! Goodnight everyone! :D

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