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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Day With Maria Den2x.. :D

My friend, Maria Den, joined her company conference here in Manila last week. When they were given a day off, she decided to go out with me instead of going with her colleagues.

Like all my other friends who visit Manila, I brought her in Ayala Land. :D I helped her buy a new pair of shoes and showed her around the connecting malls in Ayala (Greenbelt, Landmark, Glorrieta and ShoeMart).

We had our lunch at my favorite fast food chain - Reyes Barbecue. I forgot to take my best appetite suppressants so I forgot all about my diet! :D

While I was showing her around Greenbelt, we came across kids who were screaming their hearts out for an American band - The Maine. I actually don't have any knowledge about this band. And I felt old. LOL!

We watched the band as they sound checked and sang their first song. After that, we decided to go to Starbucks so Maria Den could have a taste of coffee from the famous coffee shop since there wasn't anything like that back in the province yet.

We chatted for few more hours. I still wanted to show her around other places but we really didn't have time. She also have to meet up with another friend of hers. I hope we will have longer time to spend when she come back here in Manila. :D

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