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Monday, February 28, 2011

Is It Monday Yet? :-(

Awww... It's Monday again! My days off seem to be too short! I just got used to 3 days of on my previous job. This new job needs a little getting used to, isn't it? LOL!

I'm not too excited about today because we are going to have an prelim exam at work tonight. I read through my notes already but I still couldn't memorize the important lessons that was discussed last week. I hope I won't fail this exam, though. So help me God.

There's still a Church activity that I have to do later with the other youth members. There's just so much to do but so little time.

I hope you guys are having a terrific start of the week, though! God bless us all! :D

Planning To Buy A Scooter

Commuting to and from work takes a lot of time for me now. Not like my previous job in Makati, going to Mandaluyong which is now where my workplace is located, is a bit strenous for me. I don't want to ride a cab all the time because it's expensive. I normally ride on a bus on my normal working days.

It gives me headaches though especially if I get stuck at traffic jams during rush hour. I don't want to be late at work so I get out of the house an hour early from my shift. And when my shift ends, I normally would still want to go to the gym which is out of my way home. I still have to detour to Makati just to workout. I end up heading home instead because the buses going to Ayala are full most of the time.

I'm thinking about buying a scooter for myself so I can manage my time well rather than commuting. I won't get too stressed out whenever I travel within Manila. The thing is, most vehicle accidents are motorcycle accidents nowadays. Even if you're very careful driving along EDSA or anywhere else here in Manila, there are nasty drivers around. I'm afraid I might end up crippled and might even use acl braces if I become a victim of a motorcycle accident. Sigh. I still want to buy a scooter, though! :D

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not Giving In To Disappoinments.. :D

When I got hired on my new job, I really didn't care much about all the other benefits they have in store for me. As long as the basic pay is way better than the previous company, I just went on signing the job offer. I also don't want to be working with my supervisor anymore so I grabbed the opportunity when I had it!

I was quite disappointed when during the orientation, I learned that the health plan they have for their employees are not as good as Medicare plan. Even the vacation and sick leaves are way too little for me compared to my previous employer.

I am still hoping that this company is way better than my previous employer. I heard good things about this company and I still want to git a shot. It's still too early to give in to any disappointments. Besides, there's no company that's perfect anyway. I better keep my fingers crossed! :D

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meet Miss What Not... :D

My trainer has this habit of always ending her sentence in the phrase "what not". :D Well, this is not something new in a class. Back in college, whenever I get bored with the subject matter, I get a pen and paper and make notes on how many times my teacher repeat his mannerisms. I don't really do it now because it's something childish. But whenever I hear the "what not" phrase from my trainer, it gets a little disturbing. I guess we just have to get used to it.

It was my 3rd day on training at my new job last night. I'm back to graveyard shift so I'm once again trying to adjust to my schedule. I'm back to trying to get a good sleep during day which I can hardly do in this past 3 days. I always wake up every hour whenever I hear noise from outside my room.

Our class consist mostly of guys. There are cute quiet guys around but there are also those noisy people who always wanted to get the class' attention. Sigh.

I have one friend of mine who is also part of the class. We're still trying to make friends with the others.

I'm really trying to focus on learning about my work and "what not". LOL! I'm hoping I'll pass the training and do the best I can in this job. :D

Monday, February 21, 2011

Remembering Cathy And Baby CJ...:D

When I was in Pampanga, I became roommates with a good friend of mine in college, Cathy. At that time she was planning to work in Singapore and was just waiting for a certificate. She decided to work in the company where I was employed while she's waiting for that certificate. In a few months of working in Pampanga, we found out that she was 6months pregnant. She couldn't tell her parents about what happened because she doesn't want to disappoint them. She got herself in a complicated situation and the man who got her pregnant is married and didn't do anything to support her and the baby. Her plan of working in Singapore did not happen at all.

We didn't hear from the guy even until she delivered her baby. It was I and some of our friends who were there to help her out. It was a great experience because I also became like a mom. LOL! Baby CJ was in my arms on her first night at the hospital. I can remember fighting my drowsiness at that time. I really didn't have enough sleep because I also have work the previous nights. So there were several sleepless days and nights, actually! Haha!

Cathy wasn't able to breastfeed Baby CJ because we had no idea how to let Cathy produce more breast milk. She tried everything she can to do so but to no avail. So we ended up feeding CJ from milk bottles.

I also learned to bathe a fragile little infant! :D How cool was that? I can say that in a few years of taking care of CJ, I have experienced to also become a mother. Having a baby in the house relieves stress for real! No matter how tired I was at work, I was always excited about going home!

I left Pampanga when CJ was just more than a year old. They have moved to Davao now and thankfully, Cathy was able to let her family know about her baby and they welcomed CJ in their family wholeheartedly. Who wouldn't? CJ is just adorable!

Whenever I think about Cathy and CJ, I can just smile. I'm thankful I was able to help out a friend and I'm even more thankful I was able to take care of a little angel. :D

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ready For Work And Workout Promises! :D

I only went to the gym twice this week. I seldom workout lately. Not that I'm really busy. I was just too lazy to go to the gym. I even often wake up late almost everyday. If I'm not forced to wake up to run some errands, I would more likely sleep all day! LOL!

Well, I think I'm just savoring the days left for me to relax because I'll start on my new job tomorrow. I can just imagine how busy I'll become in these coming days.

After work, I'll make sure to hit the gym for at least a couple of hours. I honestly miss working out. I miss sweating a lot and running on the tread mill. I somehow miss looking at people like me having that determination to look and feel fabulous. LOL! Most of all (just being silly!) I miss looking at men who not only good looking but also have those muscles that turns women in the gym on! :D They must have added creatine powder on their energy drink to look that hot!

Enough of my nonsense! :D I'm all set with my new job and I promise to workout hopefully everyday.

May we all have a great Sunday! :D

Boys In My Room...:P

I just had boys in my room earlier. LOL! They are friends of mine from Church. One of them happen to be a computer geek. He helped me install some software apps in my laptop. The other guy was there to watch T.V. shows and play the guitar with me. I have been hanging out with them so often lately especially on Church activities. They are so fun to be with!

My computer is now working fine. And had my new security suite installed. I feel comfortable dropping to other bloggers' website this time around!

I'm so glad I met friends like Ka Jhong and Ka Jhunel!

Time to go to sleep! Goodnight everyone! :D

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Day With Maria Den2x.. :D

My friend, Maria Den, joined her company conference here in Manila last week. When they were given a day off, she decided to go out with me instead of going with her colleagues.

Like all my other friends who visit Manila, I brought her in Ayala Land. :D I helped her buy a new pair of shoes and showed her around the connecting malls in Ayala (Greenbelt, Landmark, Glorrieta and ShoeMart).

We had our lunch at my favorite fast food chain - Reyes Barbecue. I forgot to take my best appetite suppressants so I forgot all about my diet! :D

While I was showing her around Greenbelt, we came across kids who were screaming their hearts out for an American band - The Maine. I actually don't have any knowledge about this band. And I felt old. LOL!

We watched the band as they sound checked and sang their first song. After that, we decided to go to Starbucks so Maria Den could have a taste of coffee from the famous coffee shop since there wasn't anything like that back in the province yet.

We chatted for few more hours. I still wanted to show her around other places but we really didn't have time. She also have to meet up with another friend of hers. I hope we will have longer time to spend when she come back here in Manila. :D

Friday, February 18, 2011

Excuses, Excuses... :P

One of the excuses why I seldom go to the gym is because I get bored of my usual exercise regimen. The gym where I workout has other programs available but I just didn't care checking them out. There were other activities available like aerobics, hiphop dancing and other dance genre where I wanted to join but I'm just too shy to even participate. I always focus on my normal boring exercise program. I know, the blame is on me! :D If I just push myself some more, by this time, my body would end up toned just like the older women who workout with me. I would assume they use a powerful pre-workout supplement like jack3d because they seemed to not get tired of working out despite their age! And they really look gorgeous, you know?

Well I better sleep early tonight so I can start my day early at the gym! Goodnight everyone! :D

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Get Together With Friends At Dampa

So seldom will you meet great people who end up to be your friends. I'm glad I was able to cross paths with them.

My friends on my previous job arranged a get together at a restaurant in "Dampa" at Seaside Market in Macapagal Boulevard which is near the Mall Of Asia. It's where you'll be able to buy fresh seafood and have them cooked at a restaurant nearby where you and your friends would like to hangout.

We had a great time chatting and laughing and of course, at the same time enjoy with the sumptuous meal served on the table!

We left the place so full and hoping to do another bonding moment sometime soon.

I'm glad to have met great friends like them! :D

Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting Ready For My New Job! :D

It's 7 more days and I'll be back to working again! I'll be busy processing my requirements for the new job this week! Phew! My lazy days are about to be over! LOL! I can just imagine how busy I will become next week! I'm ready though.

I'm actually excited about my new job! I miss receiving my paycheck with or without payday advance! I'd be meeting new work mates and new bosses! It's gonna be a new beginning of my career!

Work, Church, online chores and my gym sessions - these will keep me very busy starting next week! I hope I'd be able to manage my time very well! :D

Wish me luck! :D

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Meeting New Friends By Serving God

I have been visiting houses of fellow Church members lately. Whenever we have some planned activities, we make sure to let everyone know about it and ask them to join. Our brothers and sisters in Christ are kind enough to let us into their homes. They are even glad that we came to visit them. Some of them are well-off and have beautiful houses with contemporary furniture. Some live simply like I do. :D

Even though it gets tiring sometimes, I'm glad I'm able to do my responsibilities at Church. It's a great feeling being able to serve God and at the same time, I was able to meet new friends at Church.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hoping For A Summer Get-Away

My cousin Michelle have posted vacation packages on my Facebook account. She tagged some other friends of ours on that post. It's her way of inviting us to join them on vacation get-away. There were several places on the post that I haven't been to and I really want to go with them. They're planning to go on April or May of this year. I believe it will be fun! We will definitely have a great time again even if we haven't been in a particular place. There are maps available anyway or mobile gps that we can use to locate the places! :D

Unfortunately, I'm really not sure if I would be able to travel with them. It will depend on my status with my new job. I haven't even started working yet. But I'm hoping I can spend a summer get-away with them!

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Best Thing About Me Is You - MM

After Ricky Martin's confession that he's gay a few months back, here's a song which is kinda different from the genre of his previous albums. This time, here's a reggae beat from the Latin singer! No more Shake Your Bom Bom and Livin' La Vida Loca beat! Here's a different Ricky Martin... I find it really smooth and relaxing! :D

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Online Investments And My Mom! :D

I talked to my Mom yesterday over the phone. Like the usual, she's been busy with a lot of things. She's got lots of complains about my brothers and also talked to me about her plans. She really wasn't stressed out and even find some mishaps funny. I was just smiling and laughing on our conversation.

In between our chat, she would always ask if I have saved some money so we can put up a business of some sort. I feel a bit uncomfortable whenever we talk about my finances because the conversation always end up to comparing how she and I handle our money. She would always tell me to invest to buying a property like what she did. If I'd tell her I'm thinking about online stock trading, as skeptical as she is, she will more likely ask a lot of questions for sure! I would have to educate her about stock account and other online investments and trading tips which she wouldn't want to learn about. She refused to learn how to use the computer herself. She's more comfortable writing everything down on a piece of paper and make stacks of papers all around the house. You can just imagine the mess because she makes all the tables in the house her office desk. LOL! Or maybe, if I'd be very patient with her, even it takes a lot of time, she might be interested with online investments!

I have talked about our differences on this blog and my other blog a lot! It doesn't mean I hate my Mom. I love her despite our differences. My Mom and I are just human beings full of imperfections like the rest in the world. I even feel lucky having her as my Mom because she taught me to be a strong woman. I may not have everything yet but I'm thankful because whatever I am now, it's all because of her!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jogging At Mall Of Asia Grounds...

Have I mentioned I've been busy at Church lately? Not busy and getting stressed out but I'm having a great time with new-found friends. At the same time, I'm being able to give back glory and honor to the Almighty by getting myself involved on Church activities.

Here's another fun moment with the Kadiwa, our youth organization in our Church locale. We woke up early yesterday to jog along the seaside at Mall Of Asia. It was my first time to jog at the MOA grounds. It was a bit crowded but I really had a great time! :D

It was dawn when we left from the meeting place...
It was less than half an hour walk going to the Mall Of Asia
It's sunrise when we got there! :D
Posing with Elaine...
and other girl-friends!

The boys...
Almost everyone we're tired and just wanted to pose for picture-taking! :D
Guess what? There were also cute dogs jogging!
The fishermen working early while we're sweating...
We are planning to do this every Saturday morning. I'll make sure to get better pictures next week! :D

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Early Morning Visitors... :D

I woke up early today and was supposed to hit the gym as planned. However, a friend of mine visited early. We had coffee and he checked out my guitar.

Later on, my friend Lowela came in we chatted for more than 2hours. LOL! We haven't talked for a while after I resigned. I have been busy lately, that's why. She talked to me about her sentiments with her room mate who is also her team mate at work. And that she's considering some jobs and offers outside her current employer. She also wanted to look for better opportunities. As a friend, I was there to listen and make some pieces of advice. It's still up to her to decide on whatever she wanted to do with her life. It was quite a chat. :D

Now, I don't think I would be able to follow my planned schedule for today. But I'm glad I was able to spend time with my early morning visitors! :D

Happy Thursday everyone! :D

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm Glad I Quit My Job!

I'm finally free!

I quit my job and I'm happy about my decision! I have been wanting to do it since last year. Thank God, everything were just in place before I finally submitted my resignation letter. Although I'll miss my friends back work, we're still gonna be friends even if we're not workmates anymore, right? I just can't work with someone I don't want to deal with anymore. I'll just make my life miserable and prolong my agony if I decided otherwise.

Well, the there's a lot of fish in the ocean anyway! I got numerous jobs to choose from. Well, what about a finance job? Or maybe I'll try and look for a day job for a change? :D

Well, I'm really not worried about being unemployed for now. I just can't tell you exactly what's going to happen yet but I can say that everything is in place.

I'm excited about this new beginning! And darn glad I quit my job! :D