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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Palakol River In Pampanga

During our visit to Marmi and her Mom in Pampanga yesterday, Judith and I was able to see a beautiful and peaceful place in Pampanga.

Marmi asked her little brother,Milo, to bring us somewhere else after we saw her Mom. According Marmi, she's a lot better compared to her condition last Saturday. We were glad to hear it. We're supposed to donate blood but Lolami already had enough blood donated by the people in their place.

After a few chitchat with Lolami, Milo took us to Palakol River which is just near the hospital. It's a very peaceful and relaxing place. We stayed there for a while. Marmi wasn't able to come with us because she has to stay in the hospital. I was even surprised to find out that she hasn't been in that part of her hometown. I told her that if she needed time to think and relax, she can actually visit Palakol River.

Here are some of the pictures that we took from my cellphone. Pardon the resolution. I forgot to bring my digital camera yesterday. I haven't even took pictures of Lolami. Too bad!

I still wanted to go see what is on the other side of the river but Judith doesn't want to take her shoes off. I wish I had barska binoculars at that time. I also hope to be back there with my digital camera.


Anonymous said...

san ito malapit girl, ganda!!!

ally said...

sa pampanga po yan... :D

Charles said...

Malapit lang po samin nyan, :)

Masarap maligo at Malamig pa ang Lugar..

Dami pumupunta dyan... Proud To BE Kapampangan!!! HAhahahaha

Ally said...

Mukha ngang masarap maligo jan! heheh... Sarap bumalik. Hopefully makakapagligo din kami jan next time...

Thanks for dropping by! :)