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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Envious of Family Pictures?? :D

I was browsing pictures of friends online on a social networking site. I found out that a lot of my friends have gotten married and already have kids. Some of them are expecting babies. I wasn't able to witness the weddings because most of my friends who married live in the province. It's too expensive for me to fly across the country just to see them get married, you know. How I wish I have the money to spend though! :D

Hopefully, I would be able to attend a baby shower party soon. I want to receive baby thank you cards this year as souvenir. You know how much I love babies! :D Some friends of mine who are expecting babies are my colleagues. Hmmm... I better organize a baby shower party to one of them. That would be a very good idea, isn't it?

Sometimes just watching the pictures of my friends with their wedded and family life makes me feel envious. It makes me wonder when will I have a family picture that I'd be able to post as primary photo on the web? Here I go again, the bitterness of being single. LOL!

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