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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Hours With Baby Lajon

Despite the tragic news yesterday about the bus explosion, it still didn't prevent me from visiting Baby Lajon, my dear friend - Julie's baby boy. I haven't seen him for months now. His mom kept telling stories about him and it just made me want to see him more! LOL!

I bought some food for him when I got there. I was touched because he knew that I was Tita Alley! And he seemed to be happy to see me! We cuddled and played some of his toys and of course, took some silly pictures!

Here's spending a few hours with Baby Lajon:

Gee! He's so adorable, isn't he?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Envious of Family Pictures?? :D

I was browsing pictures of friends online on a social networking site. I found out that a lot of my friends have gotten married and already have kids. Some of them are expecting babies. I wasn't able to witness the weddings because most of my friends who married live in the province. It's too expensive for me to fly across the country just to see them get married, you know. How I wish I have the money to spend though! :D

Hopefully, I would be able to attend a baby shower party soon. I want to receive baby thank you cards this year as souvenir. You know how much I love babies! :D Some friends of mine who are expecting babies are my colleagues. Hmmm... I better organize a baby shower party to one of them. That would be a very good idea, isn't it?

Sometimes just watching the pictures of my friends with their wedded and family life makes me feel envious. It makes me wonder when will I have a family picture that I'd be able to post as primary photo on the web? Here I go again, the bitterness of being single. LOL!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thank God, I Nailed It! :D

Thank God, I nailed it!

I'm just happy right now. I can't tell you yet what's going on! I can just say it's another blessing and is another BIG change coming my way soon! I'll tell you the big news when I finally have everything taken care of. LOL!

God is really good!

Have a great Sunday everyone! :D

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Palakol River In Pampanga

During our visit to Marmi and her Mom in Pampanga yesterday, Judith and I was able to see a beautiful and peaceful place in Pampanga.

Marmi asked her little brother,Milo, to bring us somewhere else after we saw her Mom. According Marmi, she's a lot better compared to her condition last Saturday. We were glad to hear it. We're supposed to donate blood but Lolami already had enough blood donated by the people in their place.

After a few chitchat with Lolami, Milo took us to Palakol River which is just near the hospital. It's a very peaceful and relaxing place. We stayed there for a while. Marmi wasn't able to come with us because she has to stay in the hospital. I was even surprised to find out that she hasn't been in that part of her hometown. I told her that if she needed time to think and relax, she can actually visit Palakol River.

Here are some of the pictures that we took from my cellphone. Pardon the resolution. I forgot to bring my digital camera yesterday. I haven't even took pictures of Lolami. Too bad!

I still wanted to go see what is on the other side of the river but Judith doesn't want to take her shoes off. I wish I had barska binoculars at that time. I also hope to be back there with my digital camera.

Real Tattoo or Henna Tattoo

I always wonder why there are people who love to get hurt. I'm not talking about being hurt emotionally but physically. I'm referring to tattoo fanatics. I have seen people with tattoos, small and big ones. :D I can't imagine myself going through the pain of an inked needle piercing through my skin. Yeah, it looked cool. I have friends who have tattoos but I was never motivated by them to get one for myself. I just can't bear the pain. What if they end up not liking the design that's already done. They're lucky if the artist doing their tattoo has a tattoo removal, or else they can't do anything with whatever is already drawn to their body.

When I went to Boracay more than 3 years ago, I had this little scar on my belly. I had to cover it up with something so I'd be confident in wearing my swim suit. Well, henna tattooing was anywhere in the island. So I had one placed in my tummy. LOL! It looked cool, though! :D

Ahh.. Those were the days!

If I am to choose from a real tattoo to henna tattoo, I'd choose the latter! :D

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Pregnant Friend

One of my colleagues at work, Caryl, who's also a good friend of mine, is pregnant. Even though her tummy is getting bigger, she haven't lost her fashion sense. She even look prettier right now on her first trimester pregnancy. However, sometimes she feel nauseous and really sick. I wonder if all pregnant women experience it. She runs to the rest room often to vomit. I hope she'd overcome that stage of her pregnancy. She doesn't eat a lot lately and she already lose weight. She told me she always doesn't have the appetite to eat. Well what about the baby? I should suggest to her to take prenate dha so that her baby will still have proper nutrients. She also need to eat healthy food not only for herself but most specially for her baby.

Expecting a baby is exciting for sure. Although women experience pain during pregnancy and giving birth, it will be all worth it when they see their little angel.:D

Monday, January 17, 2011

Grenade by Bruno Mars - MM

I love Bruno Mars! His songs are really beautiful.

This song that I'm featuring for this week's Music Monday is kind of a sad song but I like how he did the acoustic version. Here's "Grenade" by Bruno Mars. It's about loving someone so much to even die for him/her and then you don't get that same love in return... How sad, isn't it?

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PS: Because of spamming purposes, the linky will be closed on Thursday of each week at midnight, Malaysian Time. Thank you!

Deprived of Sleep Lately...

I've been very busy this past few days with work and Church. I once again deprived myself of sleep. I often catch myself sleeping on my work terminal. I just couldn't help my drowsiness! :D My supervisor, although she doesn't wake me up, kept yelling about not to fall asleep at work for me to hear her out. I still couldn't help it sometimes! LOL!

I have been waiting for Tuesday because it's the last working day for me. I'm so excited of my rest day and hopefully I can literally rest on my 3 days off! I have to give myself enough time to sleep to prevent another form of adult acne! Geez! I can't imagine myself going through depressive situation because of acne!

I really would love to sleep now but I still have to finish an errand.

I hope you all are having a blast on a Monday! :D

A Great Gift For Mother Dear...:D

I usually go home whenever my Mom celebrates her birthday. But then, this year, I probably won't be able to celebrate with her on March 13. I have spent a lot of money already on my last vacation which was last month. I don't know if I would be able to come up with moolah so I can come home on March.

If ever I can't come home on my Mom's natal day, I better think of something to send her as my birthday gift. I was already checking some websites and I came across the everlon site where you can see different beautiful jewelries. One of those could be a great gift for my dear Mom! I better start saving money for that! :D

Thursday, January 13, 2011


When I was back home in General Santos City, I was thinking about what changes I would be doing in my life. I was quite convinced that I'd moving back with my family in GenSan at that time and just start a small business. My Mom told me that she's to help me financially if ever I decided to start a business.

After thinking about it thoroughly, I realized that I don't have enough knowledge about putting up a business. I'm scared of disappointing my Mom and I don't want to experience another failure. So decided to go back here in Manila and continue doing my job. I might take advantage of our company's educational plan and might take up a Marketing or a Business course. I'm still not sure though. If ever I won't be able to stay longer in the company, I might end up taking the course online and eventually will have that online marketing degree. In that way I will have enough knowledge in marketing and putting up a business.

There are a lot of things that I have been thinking about lately. I'm definitely uncertain on which path to choose. In God's help, I know I'd get to what and where I wanted in life For now, I'll take one step at a time. If good opportunities come along, I might change course! :D

House Chores Done, Time To Blog!

It's a great feeling to be able to finish cleaning my room and doing my laundry. :D I was able to save some money. Instead of bringing my laundry to a laundry shop, I washed them by myself! And guess what? My hands were not bruised this time!

Although I've been busy with Church activities lately, I really don't feel stressed out. In fact, I enjoyed joining my fellow youth people at Church. I was able meet new friends! I haven't took pictures with them yet. I'll introduce them here in my blog soon!

It's time to blog! I got a lot of assignments to accomplish online. I hope I'd be able to finish them all tonight so I will have time to accomplish my other tasks tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy your Thursday! :D

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back To Old Routine, Back To Work...

The holidays are over. To those who had a long vacation like myself, we don't have any choice but to go back to our normal routine. It's time to go back to work!

The previous holiday season was fun although most of us did a lot of spending. We definitely have to buy food for Christmas and New Year's Eve. And even the gifts for our loved ones to make them happy. That's what most of our bonuses are for, right? We certainly did a lot of shopping not only for our family and friends but for ourselves. Since almost every malls have opened up sales and discounts for shoppers, we really didn't mind going to the crowded malls to take advantage of the discounts.

Well, to those who didn't have the time to wait in a long queue and doesn't like crowded malls, I bet they opted to shop online since a lot of websites offer discounts as well like that of They offer great deals from famous stores and brands worldwide! From books to pets, to shoes or accessories even automotive deals, I think almost everything that you need that has to be of reasonable/discounted prices are available! Shopping could be just a click away and in the comfort of your homes!

Shopping is not yet over to some of us. Good for them! :D As for me, I will have to go back to work mode to earn so I can do another shopping spree!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Changes And Joining Church Activities

I'm back here in Manila since around 12am of Wednesday. Yeah, my vacation at my hometown was over and actually continued vacationing here in Manila. My vacation leave ends tomorrow. I will have to go back to work on Tuesday.

I actually had a lot of thinking to do that's why I went back here in Manila early. I will have to change my life soon, I guess. I have thought thoroughly about it, weighed my options and I think I already have a decision. I won't have to spill it out as of yet until I've already done the 1st BIG step! :D

When I got back here in Manila, I have been busy doing a lot of activities at the Church. I have been going out with fellow young people in doing some tasks for the Church. I enjoyed being with them, actually! We have been visiting other brothers and sisters in Christ, invaded their homes to inform them about the activities in the Church. I met a lot of Church members in our locale. They were happy that we visited and some of them offered some snacks and chat with them for a few minutes while we watch a TV show on their Samsung HDTV. They were that hospitable!

I like being active in the Church. It's a great feeling being able to serve the Lord not only by joining the Church services but also by being part of the Church activities. I have a feeling that I will always be joining them more often soon! All to God's glory! :D

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hang Out With Kuerdas Family

It has been a very busy week! After Michelle and Jon's wedding, there was family reunion. I also went to see some friends in between my busy schedules! LOL!

The other night, after my Lake Sebu visit with the Vinoya Family, I went to spend time with my Kuerdas family at a resort here in GenSan. I just love laughing out loud with them, did karaoke, smoke some cigars, and played Pinoy Henyo! We really had a great time! This is my group of friends whom I can really laugh without hesitation! My Kuerdas Family!

Posing with Lainy and Ate Nimfa

That's my cousin Jayson at the back! LOL!

I love you guys! I'll be spending more time with you soon! :D

Happy New Year 2011!

It's a beautiful first day of 2011! Let's welcome the new year with a smile and thank God for another year! God bless us all!!!