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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vanity For Self Esteem

Whenever break ups happen, most of us girls head our way to salons and spas. It's not because we wanted our ex-boyfriends to take us back in their arms but because these places are one of the best places to get relaxed. I actually got myself a massage a day after my boyfriend and I broke up. It somehow helped me not think about the guy. The soothing pressure and strokes on my back somehow took my sadness for the mean time. Since I asked the masseuse to come over my house, I was able to I doze off to la-la-land after the massage!

I'm planning to go to the salon this weekend. A new haircut for the new year isn't a bad idea, is it? I'm bored with my long straight hair anyway. I wonder what haircut I'd prefer. I also should be ready with some extra cash because I know for sure that the staff at the salon will be offering some more services that I might take advantage of. Like eyelash growth products if I'll have my eyelashes extended. I haven't ever done that though.

Anyway, trying to look good won't be about mr. EX. I'd be over him soon. I'll just try and do things that will help improve my self-esteem. In that way, I'll feel good about myself and not think about the guy who has taken me for granted, again.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sad Post In A Holiday... :(

We quarrel every week. And I’m getting tired of it already. Is it too much to demand for time and communication? I don’t think so because it’s what normal couples do, right? They talk and send SMS to each other especially if they don’t get to spend more time with each other that often anymore.

Sigh. This is one of the lows of having a relationship with a kid, I guess. I don’t know if I still have enough patience for this. I’m getting tired already. :(

Sorry for the sad post. I just need to vent this out.

Happy Holidays, though...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Patch Things Up With Friends

I had some issues with my life this past couple of days. It did not come to the point of me turning into alcohol or cigarettes, though. I never liked liquors and never turned to drugs anyway whenever I have problems, so there won’t be any chance that I’d end up in santa barbara drug alcohol rehab treatment center. When I feel sad, I may separate myself to the world so I can think. And in just a day or two, I’d be able to come back to my senses. Most of the time, in my solitude, I’ll realize that I never will be alone because I have my friends and family and a great God to help me in any adversities.

It’s just sad because sometimes I disappoint some people and might even hurt most of them but since they are real friends, they always forgive me.

I hope with my personal issues lately, I can patch things up with them.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weekend And Thanksgiving Day (I.N.C.)

It’s weekend once again! My favorite days of the week! :D

This weekend is extra special because it’s our Church’s Thanksgiving Day. It’s one of the annual events that all of us, members of the Church, look forward to.

Another year in our lives has passed by. A lot may have happened, be it good or bad, we still offer our thanks to our Lord, Almighty who gave us another year of life.
There are too much to be thankful for, personally. Words are just not enough to give to our Father in Heaven. That’s why, as much as I can, I spend my time doing my Church obligations. I still feel it’s not enough but I hope I was able to give glory and honor to Him.

Thank you, Dear Lord, for everything, especially for keeping me alive. You are indeed worthy to be praised!

Happy Thanksgiving to all the members of Iglesia Ni Cristo all over the world!

Friday, December 16, 2011

I Want A Big Teddy Bear Someday. :D

I want one of this! LOL!

One of my colleagues brought this poor life-size Teddy bear at the office to add to the team's Christmas decor. When I don't have a lot to do at work or wanted to get myself relieved from stress, I just give this Big Teddy a squeeze and a hug. And make fun with my office mates! Sometimes I keep hoping that Christmas won't be over so that Teddy and I can spend more time together. :D

How I wish someone will give me a teddy as big as this someday! :D

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fun To Watch Storage Wars

One of the shows in BIO Channel that I recently get fond of watching is Storage Wars. Up until now, it still amazes me that they were able to put up a show about "wars" on storage units. Not exactly the bloody "war". It's about guys who basically bid over auctioned storage units.

The bidders in the show are: Barry (the collector), Dave (the pro), Darrell (the gambler) and Jarrod & Brandi (the newbies). They bid on a unit which they are at first not allowed to get in. They are given a 5-minute look at the storage unit from the doorway and wonder if the unit has a potential of having hidden treasures. They must have good eyes to win a jackpot from one of those units.

I’ve watched series of episodes already and got surprised several times on how each of them get lucky and how some of them get unfortunate. It’s like gambling, you know. It’s even amazing when one of them finds something that I thought don’t have value but, voila! The price of the treasure, when got sold out to collectors, was more than what they have bargained for the unit.

There was even an instance that Darrell the Gambler was able to find valuable silver dollar coins. He must have a morgan dollar price guide to know in just one glance that those coins are of high value.

These guys are funny in a lot of ways. Their differences make the show even more fun and exciting to watch.

Friday, December 9, 2011

I'll Be Out Of The Office Tonight! :)

My vacation leave for tonight was approved by my manager! I’m so glad that I don’t encounter any problems whenever I ask for extra day off. My boss said as long as I file my vacation leaves ahead of time and that no one had gotten the slot yet and I won’t be doing it too often, I can go on leave especially when it’s really important.

I’ll be out of the office tonight because the kids at Church are going to hold their Year-End Thanksgiving tomorrow. I’m one of those who’s going to help out with the activity. The kids are going to get a lot of goodies tomorrow! I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a day filled with fun for them.

I love long weekends. I used to have 3 days off at Convergys which is my previous employer. But I have to be at work, talking to upset people for 11 hours in 4 days a week. It was exhausting. My schedule right now here at Emerson is fair enough for me. I have normal weekends although I still work at night. My job is not anymore as stressful, anyway.

It’s Friday! Let's take care and enjoy the weekend ahead!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Salon Day

Today is supposed to be a salon day for me and my friend, Irene. I still can't decide what to do exactly with my hair. I just wanted to look pretty with a new hair cut maybe or just have my hair rebonded. Whatever it takes to make it look alive once again. :) I hope I can do it today though and won't get disrupted with other things that I need to get done.

It is definitely going to be a busy day today, as usual.

Happy Wednesday everyone! :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Itching For A New Laptop

I haven't visited my Facebook account for weeks now. You must be wondering why I can't when I'm able to update my blogs. I just couldn't do it here at work. And honestly, I hate going to internet cafes and deal with the noisy computer users out there who play games on the computers. Sigh. I really miss going online in the comforts of my home.

I've been itching to buy a new laptop lately but I don't have the money yet. My 13th month bonus isn't enough to buy one. Besides, there are other more important things to buy and bills to pay before the year ends. I won't even be able to go home to the province on New Year's eve because the money won't suffice the expenses. I will have to wait until I get through this year and be a regular employee of Emerson (I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that).

For my laptop, my itching can wait. I know there'd still be clearance laptops sale next year. I'll just content myself with whatever is available right now. Facebook can also wait until I have the time to go the internet cafe. :D Let me take each step slowly but surely!

Bonuses, Holidays and Giving Thanks!

Holiday bonuses are up for grabs to most employees during this time of the year. Just thinking about going to the malls with so many people shopping (for sure) and bar code scanners like that of POS Hardware that'll will be heard all over the counters at the malls make me feel anxious already. I don't really like going out especially this season because I know that people are all out there thinking of different ways to spend their money. And most of the malls entice people even more to shop by going on sale! Ah! Holiday season is definitely in the air!

Let's just be safe everyone because thieves and culprits will also take advantage of the season. Always be mindful if you go out and withdraw your hard-earned money. As much as possible don't go out alone. Shop with friends or loved ones. Besides, shopping with friends or family is more enjoyable and safe than going out alone.

This year is about to end. Let's all be thankful for everything. We may have experienced trials but we still should be thankful because we have surpassed them and, yeah, we're still alive and kicking! :D Let's also not forget to give back all the glory and honor to our Almighty God who had never forsaken us!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Goodluck To The Turkeys!

I have a helluva-lot of things to do that's already lined up for my 4-day weekend. As what I've mentioned on my other blog, I'm one of those lucky employees who works for an American-owned company who allows us to also be on vacation when it's there Holiday in the U.S. It's Thanksgiving Day today for the Americans. Thank goodness! :)

As usual, I'm set to be very busy this coming days and most probably won't be online. I'm just saying. LOL!

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all Americans around the world. Goodluck to all the turkeys on this fateful day! :D

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Visit To A Dentist Before Year Ends

My dental and medical cards were also stolen by the thief who broke in my house about a month ago so I had to have it deactivated and I requested new cards to the nurse at the office. I thought if I didn't have it replaced, will the burglar be able to use it? He got some of my I.D.'s too that's why I had a feeling he'd be able to take advantage of my healthcards. LOL

Anyway, I'm supposed to get those replacement cards at the nurse's station but I always forget to do it. I remember I have to visit a dentist to clean my teeth. :) I used to be scared of dentists when I was a kid but I like going to them now that I'm an adult. Especially when the dentists are gentle enough to fix my teeth. Their assistants sometimes wear nice medical scrubs maybe to make the kids feel comfortable with them and help the dentists out with patients.

I hope I'd be able to find time to visit a dentist soon. I like my teeth to be thoroughly clean before this year ends.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

We're Doing A Great Job!

I reported an hour early at work last night. It was basically an hour post shift over time so I didn't think twice about coming to work early since I'll get paid an hour over time for it. :)

One of our clients from the United States came to visit our team here in Manila. My boss was a bit anxious about the meeting. I kind of helped out in the preparation since I really didn't have much to do when I came in the office. We set up the coffee-maker, some pastries were ready at a corner of the conference room before our visitor came in. It was just a small task and I don't know if I can pass for Host/Hostess Jobs for that. LOL! At least I had something to do instead of feeling drowsy while waiting for the client.

The meeting went well. The client seemed to be a "jolly-good-fella". Haha! He's got a good sense of humour so we didn't get bored while he showed us how our team did a great job on keeping the business stable. I liked how he appreciated the work we do for the company.

After the meeting, we chatted with him for a while with our cups of coffee half-full and at the same time nible the yummy pastries that our manager bought for us. It was quite a treat!

It was just 5 months since I started working here at Emerson but I feel like I have worked here for a year already. The people here are just great and they make me feel like I really belong here. The work load isn't stressful which is what I like the most. I hope I'd settle here for good. I don't want to go through tedious job-hunting anymore.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Seldom Blog Update

Hello everyone!

As you all can see, I seldom go online lately. I really miss updating this blog and also get a peek on my Facebook account. I've been very busy and already lost some opportunities online. I hope I'd still be given future online assignments though. :(

I already have gotten over losing my laptop. I just can't find the time to go to the internet cafe as often as I want to because of my busy schedule. Hopefully I'd be able to manage my time well so I won't miss any opportunities online.

I hope you guys have a great week ahead! Take care ya'll! :D

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Missing My Dell Laptop... :(

It's been over a week now since the robbery. To those who haven't heard about it, I posted the full details here. I still feel bad about losing my laptop. You see, I can't go online as often as I want and obviously couldn't update my blog as much as I'd love to. But just like what the cliche say, I won't cry over spilled milk. It's gone and I can't do anything about it anymore.

I wonder how I'd be able to buy a laptop as soon as possible. I wish it's just easy to earn the money for the new laptop. Sigh. No matter how much I try to shrug off my loss, I still can't help but feel sad whenever it come across my mind.

I miss my Dell laptop. And I already lose hope about getting it back. :(

Friday, October 21, 2011

Not Really Addicted To Facebook! :D

With the on-going popularity of Facebook, almost everyone wanted to own a laptop so they can update their status every time they feel the need to. At the same time, they get updated about their friends' or loved one's status.

Honestly, Facebook is addictive. Some may not have realized it but Facebook, to most users, have eaten up most of their valuable time. I, myself, experience this. I spend a lot of time browsing through Facebook, ending up not able to accomplish more important personal chores. I even forget about updating my blogs because I always get caught up with my friends' stories at the famous social networking site for hours- commenting, chatting with some of them and clicking on the "LIKE" button. Haha!

Telecommunication companies also came up with letting their subscribers have access to Facebook anywhere they are. Well, as long as they get a WIFI service. They won't have to carry their laptops and reserve batteries like toshiba laptops batteries along with them because they can just use their phones to have access on Facebook. Ah! People just can't get enough of Facebook, can they?

As for me, I can live a day without Facebook. I guess I'm trying to resist getting addicted to it as much as I can. With my schedule and all that's going on with my busy life, it help me not to dwell on the internet that much. Although sometimes when I have the time to log on to my Facebook account, I feel a little behind on my friends' statuses. But it's okay. I can still somehow find time to browse a little bit of their stories and comment and "LIKE". :D

I'm not really addicted to Facebook. :) How about you?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dozing Off On A Wednesday

I always look forward to Wednesdays because this is the only day of the week that I get enough sleep. I can hardly sleep on weekends even though it's supposed to be my days off from work. But then there are a lot of things to accomplish and activities to attend to on weekends.

I actually feel like just wanting to doze off tonight if I only have a choice. Sigh. Well I have to prepare for work now. I hope I won't be bombarded with too much work load tonight.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Time Management

I still got so many things to do but so little time. I guess the problem not with the "many things to do" but with how I manage my time.

I got a handful of things to do because I just didn't do them right away when I have the time. I just dozed off to la-la-land instead of getting things done on time. Sigh! I have to change this attitude because this is becoming a habit. Now I have disappointed some friends of mine because I didn't come on time on the meeting that we set yesterday. It really was all my fault. I hope she's not gonna stay mad at me.

I really have to learn to organize my stuff and manage my time well. Or else I will mess everything up especially my important to-do list. As for my friends, I hope I'd be forgiven.

Organizing A Church Activity

We had a Church activity last weekend where I, along with some friends, had the chance to organize. Organizing an event, even though it's just a simple one, is tiring yet rewarding. I'm glad to get help from friends who are very willing to make the event a success.

The preparations were a handful. We had to buy bunch of stuffs like tokens for the attendees, birthday celebrants' "little" memorabilia, name tags, invitations, printouts and a lot more. Not to mention getting every youth members of our Church locale get informed of the get together. We were given a week and a half to prepare. It was such a challenge to our group.

One of the goals of the get together is to make each one of the youth members participate in every activities that our Church administration proposed. Iglesia Ni Cristo is always keen on uniting each members of the Church. To have one goal, to serve and glorify our Father in heaven.

I didn't bring my camera because I forgot to charge it that's why I can't post the pictures of the event. But I can say it turned out to be a successful event, all to God's glory! And we were all thankful to have gotten through it by the help of our Almighty God. :D

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Forever Friendship

I spent a great day with my friends and former colleagues from the previous company I worked at. It was Joy's homecoming celebration with us. She works at a company in Singapore where she's already a manager. She went home for a vacation and we're so lucky we were able to find time to get together and see her before she leaves today.

Joy has been a great friend to us. She's one of the kindest and sweetest. That's why when we heard she went home, we were all very excited to see her. Thank God most of us find the time to see Joy.

We went to a nearby Yellow Cab restaurant at the Glorietta Mall where we spent hours of chitchatting. Two mothers in the group brought with them their kids. I love hugging and cuddling with both of the boys, especially the 2-month old Baby Keon. Lajon has always been cuddly. LOL! I just love kids.

I brought my camera but forgot to charge the batteries. Thankfully, Julie didn't mind taking all the pictures and uploaded them on Facebook. Now I have additional photos that I can add to my photo collage from this circle of friends.

These get together have become rare because all of us have already resigned at Convergys. We already have separate lives. We seldom see each other that's why when we had the chance, we made the most of it.

Thank you girls for the wonderful moment and for the friendship and love! I miss all of you!

Monday, October 10, 2011

California King Bed - MM

I so love this song by Rihanna! I keep singing this song over and over even I'm working at the office. I just can't get enough of this song.

Here's California King Bed, my entry for this week's Music Monday.


Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. Rules are simple. Leave ONLY the ACTUAL LINK POST here and grab the code below and place it at your blog entry. You can grab this code at LadyJava's Lounge Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

PS: Because of spamming purposes, the linky will be closed on Thursday of each week at midnight, Malaysian Time. Thank you!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Happiness... And Love???

I'm in a relationship right now. LOL! This is quite a revelation. I bet most of you won't care but I just want to write about it here. To those who know me and get to read this article, don't you worry guys, I'm not yet about to buy a scott kay jewelry and get married soon. I'm still taking my time! :D

We met at Church. We've been friends for quite a while, got interested with each other and later on decided to get ourselves into this relationship. He's fun to be with and, well, he's good looking but he's way too young for me. I haven't told my Mom about my lovelife because I don't want to get myself into trouble. I know for sure she's not going to approve of my decision that's why when it pertains to my lovelife, she's always the last to know. :)

I haven't been in a relationship for years now. It feels like it's something new for me. Epecially when I think about the age gap.

In love? I'm not really sure but I'm happy with what we have right now. I don't want to expect more from the relationship. Come what may! Yeah right, I'm the same old happy-go-lucky ME. :D

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Money On Blogging

I have been blogging for years now and I can say that not only did it help me with my writing "prowess" (LOL! I'm still not a PRO as you can see), it definitely also helped me financially. Even though I have a 9-hour job 5days a week and have been very busy with my Church obligations, I make sure to find time to atleast update my blog and finish my online assignments on time.

Lately I've been so lazy doing updates on my blogs but hopefully I'll find more time to create new posts so that I'll make more profit from blogging. I would love to be able to earn more money and get more electronic payments. Since these websites of mine have already been established, I should not have any reason to give them both up.

Maybe I just need an inspiration to create good posts. Or push myself to do better with my blogging career. There's still so much to learn so that I'll be successful on the blogging world. I just hope I'd find the time and enthusiasm to do it. :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Malibay Christian Choir

I joined a chorale group in our Church. Aside from some other Church duties that kept me really busy, the chorale which we call Malibay Christian Choir, is also one of the many groups I have been going with this past couple of months. We have been practicing a lot because we prepared for a competition which took place last Sunday. The event was called Musikang Atin 2011 Elimination which was participated by members of Iglesia Ni Cristo. This event actually made it's 2nd debut this year and it made more members of the Church to actively participate in glorifying our Lord Almighty by singing beautiful songs to Him.

I myself have been a witness to another great activity prepared by our Church Administration. I am really glad I was able to join. Not only did I have fun, I'm glad to be able to make use of my talent in serving the Lord.

Our group actually joined the competition with the hopes of being able to be part of the finalists for Musikang Atin. Fortunately, with the grace of God, we got in! We're headed to the final round of the chorale competition!

We are all going to work real hard for the competition. I'm just so happy to learn that we were one of the top 5 finalists. We are going to double our effort and hopefully get the first prize! :D

Here are some of the pictures taken last Sunday:

And more to come on the Musikang Atin 2011 Grand Finale! :D

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Missing A Hobby...

I'm a movie fanatic but lately I missed a lot of new great movies. It would be either because I don't have the time or it could be because I don't have the money to spend. LOL! I remember, I used to just watch movies at home when I lived with my cousin Michelle. I used to just turn on the TV set with its rca video cables connected to the VCD player, put on the CD of the movies I want to watch and eat popcorn in the comforts of our room. I used to spend my weekends just doing movie marathon. But now, I can't even find the time to watch my favorite noontime show on T.V. How I miss those good old days. Although it's not at all that productive, watching T.V. or movies somehow make me forget about my worries. It takes me to places I never been at, make me fall in love all over again and also make me cry sometimes. Watching movies make me forget about stress at work as well.

Now that I've realized all these, I'll try to find time on my weekend to watch a movie or two. Hmmm. What are the new feel good movies nowadays? Any suggestions? :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Finding Solution For My Laundry Problem

I did some of my laundry just few minutes ago. I don't wash my clothes all at ones because I know that I'll get my hands bruised again. Unfortunately, no matter how little clothes I wash, I still got my hands bruised. :( I haven't bought a washing machine yet. I also don't want to bring them to the laundry shop because I don't trust my laundry to the peeps at the shop. I'd rather have my hands bruised for as long as I know my clothes are all clean.

I used to have a lady who comes over at my house to do my laundry but she's no where to be found lately. Someone told me she's already got a job somewhere. Now I don't have a choice but to do the laundry myself.Link
I still wonder why my hands kept getting bruised. I think I've tried all types of detergent, looked for mild detergent bars and powder, but the result to my hands is the same. The wounds are really painful. I wonder if the hard water which dries the skin have something to do with my bruises. I actually just learned about the hard water and the use of a water softener to eliminate unwanted contents of hard water. water softeners have this equipments ready to ship and is easy to install.

Hmm.. Could that be the solution to my laundry problem? I might as well give it a try, don't I? :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Proud Of You, Shamcey Supsup

"Miss Universe 3rd Runner Up... Ms. Philippines, Shamcey Supsup!". After hearing that announcement, I was a bit disappointed. I was really expecting that our candidate, Shamcey Supsup, is going to take home the Ms. Universe crown!

A lot of people questioned the result of the beauty pageant. Why not Shamcey when she was the only one who didn't have an interpreter, answered the question with confidence and delivered the best answer during the Q&A portion of the beauty pageant? Even Oprah had this to say:

"If the only basis is the Q&A portion, after having been trimmed down to 5, Ms. Phils. deserved to win. What made her different from the rest is that she had no seconds to rethink of her answer as she had no interpreter to break the ice. The rest had their interpreters and having breaks on seconds to think about their answers. Hands down, Ms. Phils. answered straight to the point." -Oprah Winfrey (via NBC News)

Here was the question and Shamcey's answer during the Q&A portion:


If you would have to change your religious beliefs, would you marry the man you love? Why or why not?

Miss Philippines:

"If I would have to change my religious beliefs, I would not marry the person I love. Because the first person I love is my God who created me. I have my faith, my principles. And if that man really loves me, he should also love my God."

A lot of us, especially we Filipinos, expected that our candidate is going to win. She sounded very confident and was really very beautiful every time she walks on the stage. She has that grace that everyone may have noticed.

I don't know what happened with how the judges scored the pageant. I'm still proud that another Filipina has been recognized all over the Universe. Even though she wasn't able to take home the crown, she's the most beautiful. And for us Filipinos, Shamcey Supsup is our Ms. Universe! :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Bonding With Friends In My Pad

I've been inviting friends over here at my studio-typed room. It definitely isn't a big and spacious apartment type room but they seem contented and happy being in my small pad. Maybe because it's somehow cozy and I think they like how I take care of them while they're here. Most of the time, I cook for them even though I know the food doesn't taste that good. Atleast they pretend to like whatever food I served. LOL!

There are a lot of things I'd like to change in my room. I just don't have time. Hopefully this weekend I'd be able to somehow beautify my little pad and make some changes. That is if I have the time. Or do it some other long weekend. I think I have to change my floor mat and check out scion tc custom floor mats online. Whatever is not too expensive for me. And also if I have the time and money, I'll change the paint on my walls. :D

I love entertaining guests every now and then. Although it's tiring sometimes, it's actually cheaper for me to bring them in my pad than spend a lot of money in fast food chains just to bond with my buddies.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What's Up With Me Lately???

I was able to accomplish an important errand today. Thank God the rain outside wasn't able turn me into a procrastinator. I've been one lately. I was gonna make excuses but not today. :D Yeah, I was just caught up with a lot of things lately.

What's up with me? Well, I'm a little bit inspired but I won't tell you yet what it's all about. I'm just happy right now and enjoy whatever it is that keeps me inspired. LOL! Work is good. I'm still loving it. I'm watching my diet but I'm really hoping to get back to the gym. Two months of not been able to workout make me miss losing weight. I don't wanna be fat again. I hope I'll have time to look for the nearest gym or I'd end up checking out some appetite suppressants for women. Besides, that would be easier. I won't have to be spending a lot of time sweating it all out! :)

I actually just finished cooking for dinner. I hope this friend of mine drops by and help me eat all this up. :)

I am really happy and I want to make the best out of my happiness! :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Excited For Labor Day! :)

I've been longing for a long weekend this past few weeks. I have so much to do every week and whenever Monday comes, I always wish that my weekend isn't over yet. My long awaited long weekend is not gonna take too long anymore! LOL!

This coming September 5, which is United State of America's holiday - Labor Day, that happens every 1st Monday of September, is also going to be a no-work day for us, working in Emerson Electric (Asia) Ltd.! Isn't that great? This is one thing I love about my new employer. We share the holidays of U.S. of A.! I just love it!

Now I'm thinking about what to do on that long weekend... I would love to be with nature, if I could. Some Americans will be on for a fishing trip for sure and try orlando fishing guides or go snorkeling somewhere with their family and loved ones. If I only have the money to spend to go out of town, I would really love to do that! Sigh.

I actually don't have plans yet for Labor Day. I might end up spending it with friends right here. :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Week To Deal With :)

It's Monday again? :) How I wish I can extend my weekend! Unfortunately, I can't so I will have to deal with another week.

I had a great time on my weekend, though. I felt really productive because I spent most of it doing Church activities.

Last Saturday, we did an activity called Blood Letting. I still wasn't able to donate some of my blood since I had work the previous night. Although I wasn't qualified to donate blood, I still went there and helped out. I sang few songs for them and met new friends from other Church locales. Before lunch time, I was already so sleepy so I went home, not able to finish the activity.

Sunday is always a busy Church day for me. There were just so much to do but I'm glad I was able to get through to all my obligations and duties and had a very peaceful sleep last night.

I think I'm ready for whatever this week is gonna bring me. I have God to back me up all the way until another weekend! :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Scuba Diving On My Next Palawan Trip

I used to be scared of the underwater world. When my best friend, Czarina and I and some friends went to Camiguin Islands few years back, they tried to woe me in snorkeling with them but I refused to join them. I was really scared of doing it. I was so afraid that I'd be seeing sharks or jellyfishes and other weird creatures underneath the sea. I'm even scared of corals! LOL!

But recently, I conquered that fear! During my vacation with cousin Michelle, her husband Jon and our friend Raquel at Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan last month, I decided to snorkel! I'm so glad I did because it was then that I was able to appreciate the beauty of the ocean. I've seen live colorful fishes underneath and fed them with my bare hands! I liked doing it. That's when we hopped on three different islands in our 2nd day at Palawan, I took advantage of the moments being in each islands. I wasn't scared of snorkeling anymore.

We are planning to go back in Palawan. I also got an invitation from a friend who has another friend that owns a resort over there. I just don't know when I'll be back there but I'll make sure to get myself an underwater scuba mask and try scuba diving on my next Palawan trip.

Paris In The Philippines! :)

The heiress, Paris Hilton, visited our country lately! I admit, I myself doubted if she'll ever gonna come here in the Philippines. But she actually was here. I'm not sure if she's still here right now but I was a bit elated when I heard about her being in my country.

I'm not really a fan of hers. I even didn't like her because of her bad publicity before. Her showing off as a bratt in one of the T.V. shows together with her ex-bestfriend Nicole. I just can't remember the title of that show. Her wearing of skimpy clothes, where sometimes she looked like she's wearing just breast pasties in some Men's magazines.

But she's really beautiful. She's like a barbie doll, actually. And during her interviews, she sounded like she meant it when she said. "I liked everything about the Philippines."

Well I hope she really loved it here. Why would she invest her money here in the Philippines if she didn't, right? I hope she'll keep coming back here and expand some more of her empire in my country! :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Wake Up Everybody - MM

I haven't participated on Music Monday for quite sometime now. I've been caught with a lot of things on weekends and just felt really tired on Mondays that I just wanted to get a lot of sleep. I actually still have a lot of things to do today. But I also felt the need to update my blog! :)

Here's for Music Monday, a great song to start my week - Wake Up Everybody by John Legend & The Roots

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Friends = Home Away From Home

The best thing about doing my Church obligations is that I'm able to glorify our Almighty God. I am also able to meet new people and added a lot of them to my circle of friends here in Manila. I've been having good times with them especially during weekends. I'm just happy and enjoy every bit of being with them.

It's just amazing because even our Church pastor, who's also single, have been joining our bonding moments. Saturdays were set as our "bonding day" actually. We tell each other jokes and always plan on how to make other youth members of our locale also participate actively in our activities. The favorite thing that we do when we're together is EAT! LOL! And I've gained weight because of that! Why is it so much fun to eat when you have a bunch of friends around you that you forget about your diet???

There were even instances that we help each other out, like if something is broken in someone else's home, like my computer for instance. I didn't have to bring it to the shop to have it fixed. I had one of my friends fix it for free! :) And also when one of our friends needed help to fix her door, someone came with micrometers on hand! By sharing moments with them, I'm just glad that I have friends here who listen to whatever I say and accept me as what I am. They're always there to cheer me up and keep me busy.

I'm really glad to have some sort of a family right here. It's feels like a home away from home. :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Peurto Prinsesa Trip - Part 3

Two days of not been able to go online last week made me a bit anxious. My laptop crashed again and that same day, I wasn't able to find somebody to fix it. I'm glad I have a friend who's got a "TECHY" boyfriend who was able to finally fix my laptop this weekend! :) They were both like angels to me! I'm lucky to have them both as friends!

Now, I'm able to write about the last entry of my Puerto Prinsesa Trip! This is definitely long overdue! LOL! It's about a month ago after my trip with my friends! But here it is, without anymore a dues!

So... The 3rd day at Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan was more exciting for me because Michelle, Kuya Jon, Ate Raquel and I were able to do island hopping with some other tourists!In this trip, I faced one of my fears - to snorkel! We went to 3 different islands and I took advantage of snorkeling on all the islands we spent a few hours at! LOL! I have been so afraid of doing that when I was with my best friend Czarina on our Camiguin adventure some years ago. But when I was there, I was able to snorkel and was really in awe when I saw the sea creatures underneath the blue/green sea!

So proud of me!

I'm just so happy to be the in Palawan!

With my beloved Ates'!

A live Starfish that is!

The beautiful seashore...

Lovin' the serenity...


Pretty and sexy US GIRLS! :)

Me and our official photographer, Kuya Jon! :)

That's about my trip! I was the first to leave Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan on the 4th day because my flight was set early. I still didn't get enough of the place. The gang and I were planning to do another escapade in another part of Palawan which is El Nido. We've heard beautiful things about El Nido so that will be our next stop! :)

Til my next escapade!

Money Matters... :)

I still got a lot of bills to pay and debts to settle this month's pay out. My salaries from my new job and from my online gigs are, unfortunately, still not enough for me to splurge for the personal things, not so important things, that I wanted to buy for myself. Although, I've been spending for something this weekend that's not too important also but I just don't want to say what that was for! LOL! I know I'm babbling. Maybe because I'm a bit disappointed for not been able to buy even just a pair shoes this payout. I haven't been to the mall yet, haven't heard a barcode scanner read the prices of my groceries that I'm supposed to buy yet. I will still have to find time to do that.

For now, I've budgeted whatever money I have left. I have to keep my fingers crossed to make for whatever is left until the next pay out! I hope I won't have to spend for something unnecessary anymore! I better learn to say NO and be firm whenever I have to say that word! :)

I know I shouldn't worry because I know God will provide my needs. Like I always say, I have faith in Him! :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy 97th Anniversary INC

Today marks the 97th Anniversary of Iglesia Ni Cristo. Since July 27, 1914, God has been so good to us. He has never forsaken His Church.

To all my brethren all over the world, may God continue to bless us all!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Puerto Prinsesa Trip - Part 2

This post should've been done a few weeks ago. I was just too lazy to do it, I apologize. I still wanted to tell you guys about the continuation of my Puerto Prinsesa Trip!

Alright! Here it goes:

I was excited on the 2nd day of our Puerto Prinsesa vacation. As soon as my cousin Michelle and her husband Jon arrived at the airport around 12noon, we headed to the famous Underground River which is now one of the entries for the new 7 Wonders of Nature. I cast my vote already! :)

Anyway, it was about 2 hours drive from Puerto Prinsesa airport. Kuya Jon has been taking great pictures while we we were on our way. Here are some of them:

We still have to take a boat ride to be at the Underground River. I was already so amazed at how clean my surrounding is! Even the sea, it's all blue and green and I can definitely see the corals underneath the water! The weather wasn't good that day. Yet the rain didn't stop us from exploring Puerto Prinsesa!

There were plenty of tourists like us who were queued to see the Underground River. We have to wait for our turn so we took a lot of pictures to not get bored! :)

And finally it was our turn to enter the cave!!! :)

It was so dark inside the cave. We had just one big flashlight held by one of the passengers on the boat. The boatman was at the same time our tour-guide. He's very knowledgeable and had a good sense of humor. He showed us a lot of rock structures and made some jokes while talking about the cave. There were bats flying all around the cave but it didn't scare us! :)

The tour inside the cave took maybe half an hour. When we got out of the cave we took some more pictures and saw the mischievous monkeys on the seashore! We held on our purses which were packed in plastic bags because the monkeys are eyeing on our belongings! The tour-guide already warned us of the monkeys being the forest thieves. :)

LOL! One of the monkey went near me! That's why the face!

We strolled along the seashores despite the pouring rain! I actually took a plunge on the sea even though the waves are big! :) I didn't mind being alone. My companions waited for the rain to stop but it didn't. I was soaking wet when we were on our way home. :)

We went to sleep early that evening. I was so excited for the next day. The next itinerary for our 3rd day in Puerto Prinsesa was island hopping and snorkeling!

To be continued....

Graveyard Shift On A Rest Day.. :)

Geez! It's about 7 o'clock in the morning now. I haven't slept last night. Well I slept at around 2pm yesterday and someone woke me up at 7pm. I went to Church to practice some songs with the choir. I went home and hang out with my friends. Some of them went home ahead last night. I didn't go to sleep anymore because there's one more friend of mine who basically spent the whole evening here in my pad. And that friend went home just a few minutes ago. LOL! It feels like I was on a graveyard shift when it's supposed to be my rest day. But it's alright, I had fun with my friends!

Tonight, I'll be back at work. I'm not really that busy at the office last week. I'm hoping it's going to be the same not-too-busy- work week. But I guess I better make myself busy and read some more things that I should learn about my job. Or else, I'd look like a fool when my training is done. :)

I know I've mentioned a lot of times that I love my job so far. I like the atmosphere at work. Everyone is friendly. My team mates are very helpful especially if I am working on some orders. Although some of them are working while listening to music on their ipods which are basically in ear headphones, they don't mind if I disturb them from work and sound tripping whenever I have questions or I need them to check something on my work. I just don't want to mess up my orders this time. :)

I'll be working again tonight. I am looking forward to another week of fun at work! :) Because after the weekdays are gonna be weekend again. Hopefully next weekend, I would be able to enjoy my "Alone-ness"! LOL!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Kuya Tibo!

Today is a special day! It's my big brother's 30th birthday!

To you, my brother dear - Aleksander Remus Cruz a.k.a TIBO, I hope for you to be strong in your FAITH. May God continue to bless you. I know there are a lot of things that we don't agree about but I you're my brother and you're always gonna be in my heart. I always pray for you, honestly! :)

Enjoy your day!