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Monday, December 13, 2010

Biggest Loser Asia Season 2

The 24-year-old Viveganandam Deverai also known as Raj of Singapore was the grand winner of the Biggest Loser Asia Season 2. I haven't watch all the episodes of the show but just like all the other contestants, I don't like Raj that much. Although he deserve to win since we all saw how he worked hard for it. He's weight started from 144 kg and amazingly ended at 77 kg on the season's finale. He lost 67 kilograms during the span of the show.

Atikom Laksanapanai (Nai) of Thailand must have been very disappointed because he was won over Raj by only 1 kilo difference! I also thought that he's the one who's going to take home the $100,000 price.

Genghis Khan who has been the clown and the spice of the season 2 of Biggest Loser Asia, and a proud Filipino competitor won 3rd place. He's a natural joker and I really find him entertaining. Thinking about his funny lines and stunts on the show makes me smile and even laugh out loud. Everyone were actually surprised that the stubborn Genghis made it to the final 3.

All three of them are winners. They got their lives back and they seem to be very happy on what they have accomplished. They have become an inspiration to those who are not only overweight but also to those who are averaged people who are wanting to have a healthy life. I bet a lot of the viewers end up enrolling on the nearest gym or for the women who doesn't have the time to hit the gym might try womens weight loss pills to get the figure that they wanted.

As for me, I'd continue going to the gym to maintain good health and good shape.

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