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Friday, November 26, 2010

I Want To Watch Secretariat

I haven't seen the movie Secretariat yet but I've seen it's trailer and got a bit curious about the movie. So I read a few reviews about it.

It's a true story about a horse named Secretariat who has been the Triple Crown winner in 1973. He was owned by Penny Chenery, played by the beautiful Diane Lane. I haven't seen Diane wearing equestrian outfit with riding boots on the movie trailer, though. It's a male-dominated society at that time so I don't think she also rode the horse in the movie. Well, I guess I better watch it. John Malkovich, playing the trainer Lucien Laurin, looked eccentric in the trailer. It makes me all the more interested in finding out how his acting did in the movie! :D

Well, here's the trailer:

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