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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Other Alternative To Lose Weight?

The gym is 2 rides away from my apartment. Just like any other days that I don't workout, I got lazy to hit the gym today. How I wish that it's just nearby. I won't have to ride a bus and a jeepney just to workout. I know I get a lot of benefits in working out but it takes a lot of my time just going on my way back and forth between gym and home. Once my program ends, which is going to be less than 3 months from now, I might consider other alternatives. Maybe try to check out cheaper gyms nearby or let fat burners work for me. It's less pain and effort. I still have to think about that, though. For now, I better try my best not to get lazy on working out. Or else, I'd regret the money I spent for my workout! :D

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