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Friday, November 26, 2010

My Brother's Plan For A Job...

My brother, Florante and his wife, Joy are both registered nurses. Like some of the other nursing graduates here in Philippines, they haven't landed a job yet. They were planning to work abroad. So they applied on agencies here in Manila some months ago. Their application came to a halt because Joy's Dad suffered from stroke. They went back home to take care of him and their little boy, Brandon Zyle.

My brother told me through text message that his father-in-law is now getting better. And that he's looking for a job. Not only that he misses wearing medical scrubs or uniforms, he needed to earn money for his family. I'm not exactly sure what he wanted to do now. The last time we texted, he told me he's planning to apply as a policeman. And I was like, "Yeah, whatever you say, bro!". Err.. not exactly a motivating choice words.

I hope he would land in a job soon, though. I'll get to see them and talk to them when I get home. I miss my nephew, Zyle. I better think of a gift for him when I get home! :D

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