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Friday, November 12, 2010

Gene Simmons Family Jewel in Bio

One of my favorite channels on TV is the Biography Channel. I love watching real life stories of the rich and the famous and the ordinary real people. They also feature reality shows.

One of the shows I come across Bio which eventually became my favorite is Gene Simmons Family Jewels. It's about the family of the bassist of the band Kiss - Gene Simmons, who's also known as "The Demon". That's how he look like when the band performs. Well, with all the make up and basically the band's concept, some probably think these rock stars live their lives like creeps. Talking about stereotyping! :D He's actually not a "Demon" in real life, thanks to the show. We were able to see a glimpse of how Mr. Simmons live his life. He doesn't drink, doesn't do drugs like what other people think about a "rock star". But he is a womanizer which wasn't really highlighted on the show. Yet they talk about it a lot.

He's a wealthy musician/businessman who pampers his girlfriend, Shannon Tweed and kids, Nick and Sophie, with whatever life has to offer. They live in a mansion which is surrounded with landscape lights that give a beautiful view of the house in the evening. Gene and Shannon are together for years now but haven't been married. They're happy with whatever is going on with their lives.

I find the show funny and really entertaining.

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