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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Future Princess Of Wales

Justify FullWhen Prince William's engagement to Kate Middleton was announced, the media went gaga over it! The beautiful Kate already got the media's attention for 8 years of being Prince William's steady girlfriend. They went all the more frantic when the date of their marriage was announced! They're all over the news!

Kate was being compared to the late Princess Diane, who was Prince William's mom. From fashion style to charity even to how they live their lives. We all know that Kate isn't from a royal blood. She just happened to study at the University of St. Andrews where she and Prince William met. She's undeniably beautiful! Her pretty face, I think looked so perfect. Whether she uses a blackhead removal or not, she really look stunning!

She's bound to become the Princess of Wales next year! Yeah, it's like a Cinderella story! :D

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