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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day Of WorkOut and The Biggest Looser Asia

It was my first day working out yesterday. I met a trainer named Anthony and he helped me out on my first day at the gym. He taught me the basics with the use of the facilities and pretty much the work out per se. It was fun! I sweat a lot to say the least although it was just a mild training since it's my first day. Now I'm having some muscle pains as expected but it's all worth it! I'm looking forward to another day of workout tomorrow! :D
I just watched The Biggest Looser Asia series on TV. I get inspiration from the show! Will I ever lose a lot of weight in a week like they did if I do an intense workout? Maybe if I get a trainer who'll push me real hard like the woman in the show.

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MommaLira said...

That's great, len. Keep it up!