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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Craving For Brothers Burger!!

Brothers Burger, satisfy your urge!

Grrr! That's the tag line of Brothers Burger that keeps repeating when you open their website. If you want to hear it and see their burger, you can click here. Just looking at the picture makes me crave for one!

The prices of the burgers are a bit expensive but it's all worth it! They serve 100% beef patties and are cooked only upon order. Meaning you will be able to indulge on the yummy burgers which are freshly served!

The Brothers Burger outlet at our office building had 50% sale on their burgers today. I was supposed to have a taste of it, unfortunately I was in a hurry earlier when I passed by. I also got discouraged to buy because a lot of people were already on queue to take advantage of the sale! I didn't have the time to wait.

As I browsed on their website, it made me want to buy a burger tomorrow! :D I'm really craving one right now! Awww!

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