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Friday, August 20, 2010

Struggles Of Nurses In The Philippines

By this time, my sister-in-law, Mary Joy is taking her HAAD (Health Authority-Abu Dhabi) examination at a testing center in Makati. It's a regulative body of the Healthcare Sector in Abu Dhabi. My brother is also scheduled to take the same exam on Tuesday next week. Since both of them are wanting to get a job in Dubai, this is the examination they have to pass before they would qualify to get a job as nurses in Abu Dhabi.

Why is it that getting a job as nurses here and abroad becomes so difficult? When they graduate as nurses, they still have to go through a lot before they get employed.

Most registered nurses here in the Philippines look forward to working abroad after graduation or at least after they passed the Nursing Board Exam. After that, they have to be employed as nurses locally since almost all of the employers overseas require that. Some volunteer on public hospitals (unpaid) just so they could get a certificate that they have worked locally. Some even pay just to be experienced nurses since most hospitals here in the Philippines ask them to. After a year or 2 of experience nursing locally, they still have to undergo another examinations to the country where they would want to work. Example of this is the HAAD exam. If ever they pass, they would still have to look for placement fees for the agency.

I feel for those who are jobless Registered Nurses here in our country. It would be a waste if nursing will not become their profession since they've studied 4 years for it and end up being call center agents like my colleagues. I hope the government will act on this and hopefully give our registered nurses jobs locally not at the latter's expense.

I just hope and pray that Mary Joy is going to pass the examination today. That goes to my brother too for his turn next week.


MommaLira said...

Good luck sa imong bro og SIL, Len.


ally said...


Thanks po! my SIL passed the exam na! hehehe.... still crossing my fingers for my bro! :D