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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Wednesday! :D


It's a beautiful Wednesday morning! It's my day off from work that's why I feel happy! :D I just love it when I had enough sleep and wake up in the morning not thinking about work at all!

My brother did my laundry yesterday to my surprise! I was a bit embarrassed but thankful that he did! I can spend my day off just watching movies and take care of my blogs!

We are going to see my cousin, Michelle later at lunch. We haven't seen each other after the May election. She just got promoted at work and I'm happy for her!

I haven't jogged this morning as planned. Maybe tomorrow, I would be able to burn some calories with my brother and sis-in-law, hopefully, if we don't oversleep! :D

It's a beautiful Wednesday morning!


baterya said...

nice... have wonderful rest day..good morning...

MommaLira said...

Kabut-an sa imong brother hehe...hope you had a great day off.


ally said...





but-an jud, hehehe... thanks sis!