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Friday, March 26, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

Let me first tell you some recent highlights in my life. Well, just about my most recent homecoming in GenSan.

I spent 10-days on vacation at home back in GenSan. There were two occasions that we celebrated in just one venue at Grab-A-Crab. It was my Mom's 63rd birthday and my younger brother's success in passing the Nursing Board Exam. We were able to finally take a family picture! Here it is:

I was able to spend time with Lainy. Had quite a few chats with her since she was very busy at work but still was able to spend time with me.

We had coffee...

and played badminton with friends.

Thanks so much dear cuz for all the help and for once again letting me sleep in your house! :D

I also was able to visit my Alma Mater - Notre Dame of Marbel University with my good friend Denden.

I spent a night with friends and met up with an ex-boyfriend. Which by the way ended up cool. We're friends. Nah! Just read the whole story on the link. :D

Denden and I

And jammed with the Kuerdas Band on their gigs.

I really had fun! Although me and my Mom still don't get along that well, I was glad I was able to spend time with her.

There's indeed no place like home sweet home.

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lira said...

gisulit jud nmo imong bakasyon Len.